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Monday, October 19, 2009

When God Answers

There are always going to be those that do not believe in prayer, or do not believe in the fact that God does answer them.

I believe with a passion that God answers every one of them...In HIS TIME!

I pray all the time. I pray while I'm eating, driving, shaving (sometimes I actually pray that I can see my legs to shave them)!. I pray while I'm alone, with others, with my daughter, and at church. I pray when I'm hurting, laughing, crying, sneezing (this one is to not crack ribs), and I pray while I'm writing. I pray all day. It's as if I am carrying on a conversation with Him that goes on all day...sort of like an "Instant Message box"....

I pray for health, healing, safety, needs and most of all for my loved ones. I pray for their lives to be blessed and that they are healthy and happy. I pray for my own too. I pray for the ability to love others as He loves them. This is something I learned from a dear friend who was trying to make her marriage work... She finally realized that though she loved her husband, she needed to love him as God loves him. That is a difficult thing to do if you really sit back and think about it.

I have been trying to love all others as God loves them. Sometimes it is just not meant to be... you may try and try but the feelings are impossible to muster.

When God answers a prayer, it might not be what you expected, what you wanted, or even what you asked for...He answers in a way that the end result is for His plans for you/me. His answer might not become apparent for a very long time, but I feel that this is His way of teaching us patience, as well as the lesson of being faithful.

When God answers prayer, the response might be physical, heart felt, and even a hard knock upside the head...(I prefer these replies to my prayer since I am just a bit hard times). He might answer out loud even, or just whisper his response to you from the Holy Spirit that lives inside of you.

When God answers prayer, it is up to us to choose to accept the reply or ignore it. What we pray for and what we expect the answer to be, might just turn out to be something totally unlike anything we were thinking of when we prayed.

When God answers my prayers, I know that I have been blessed beyond measure and I accept that I have a new direction on that particular prayer request...and I love sharing my replies with my daughter..

When God answers my prayers, I enjoy telling others so that they can see that I truly believe, and that I am willing to hear...but sometimes my ears get plugged up with every day wax/junk, and I do not hear/see or feel the answer. Sometimes it might even be longer time periods between the prayer and the answer...days, weeks, months or even years...

When God answers my prayers, I pray again...I pray a prayer of thanks for the always hearing me part...when sometimes others can't hear me, He does.

Like the George Strait song says, be careful what you ask for cuz sometimes you get it.

Be careful what you pray for, and don't be foolish with your prayers. You may not see the answer coming but you'll know that it has been answered when the time is right.

side note: I have been praying for months that God would bless my business so that I could take my trip with my mother across the world to see my sister and her family. Finances have been difficult for us lately so I've been all stressed about how I'd pay for the plane ticket, the meals, souviniers, and just about everything. I have prayed for the money, my health, my moms health and so much more.
God is answering these prayers abundantly. I have remained healthy for the last 2 weeks, I've not been sick from my med-pump in almost 2 weeks, and other than my feet, Im pretty sure I've prayed for just about everything else that this trip will entail too, such as the airports, the plane trip, the airports, our luggage, our carry ons...etc and list is enormous. I have begun to physically see His answers each day as the trip draws near. I know that I am truly blessed.

Here is my prayer for you this day,

Father God, Thank you for showing me that my prayers are heard. Thank you for not only hearing them but answering them. Thank you Father for being my sounding board, my champion, my friend. Father, thank you for my family, my parents, my husband and my children, without whom I would crumble at your feet. Thank you for my friends, who bless my life daily, thank you for my business and the ability you have given me to use for it. Thank you for my church, my small group and all those I come in contact with throughout my life.
Father, I ask you to bless my family, my friends and those who might read this as well as those who will never see it. I pray you heal those who are ailing and touch those who do not know you or know to ask you for your help. I pray for all the ones that I will intrust my moms life and mine as we travel across the globe to new lands that are also created by you. I pray that you will show me new ways to glorify you while living in a different world than my own. I pray you allow me to see things through your eyes, the eyes of love and hope.
I ask that you deliver us safely to and from our family with new hearts filled with a passion to love you and to love others as you do.
In Jesus name, Amen

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