Praynlady's Blessings & Other Fun Stuff: September 2005

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Ok, finally home and I can tell you that I missed the blogging world a little toooooo much. It is strange how you find that you become attatched to some of the people you blog with. Thank you all for the prayers and heartfelt sympathies you left on the posts. I guess I waste web space and give you some details of our "LITTLE" trip north.

We began our sequence of events on Sunday night a week ago. We frantically packed up many of our treasured possessions and boxed up all photos and pictures (frames and all) and many items I didn't want to loose. Paul then loaded them all into our camping trailer and around noon Monday afternoon, he left with the trailer and Kaylee, following his mom who was pulling a very large horse trailer with 3 adult horses and one filly, to go to Tyler (well Lindale which is just a few minutes north of Tyler) and arrived there around 6 pm. He parked the trailer at his mom and dads new home and then after an early to bed night, he left at 2 am Tuesday, following his mom home and got here at 7 am Tuesday morning. He slept for a couple of hours and then his mom and two sisters (who had loaded much more of their stuff into their camper and a flat bed trailer), took Kaylee and left again to go back! Whew!!! What a day. Then the dreaded news came that we would have to evacuate as well. I was still up to my eyeballs in the Katrina relief center and had people streaming steadily in all day, when I finally had to put signs on the door and just lock up and leave. I finished packing some more stuff and we loaded the mini van, Paul's truck and my son in law and daughters car, leaving room for Kordell, my dog Roscoe, Kaylee's parakeets "Him and Her", and Kendra's ferret, "Chewy". What a zoo!!! We left at 7:10 am on Thursday morning and could see the traffic already backing up on highway 35 past our house. OK, NOT GOING TO GET A GOOD START! We were in traffic for 4 hours to make a trip that normally takes 25 minutes. Granted, ours was not as bad as those who had to go through Houston but still it was hot and the animals were hot, the baby did really well in only his diaper and I am not sure but I think at one point, Kendra and I began to undress from the heat. It wouldn't have been quite so bad but when the van would sit idle for 10 minutes or more it would begin to over heat so I'd turn off the ac and roll the windows down. It was 106 in the street + heat index. HOT! After a long LONG time we made it to Hwy 59 and from there we took some serious back roads, I was pretty sure that Paul was making them up but we managed to avoid all the major stand stills and only sat in traffic a total of 6 hours out of a 13.5 hour trip. It normally takes us 5 hours to get to Lindale so 13.5 was not all that bad.......considering. We arrived safely and without any major incidents. God is gracious. We set up camp late Thursday nite and spent most of Friday preparing for what was now apparent.....Rita was coming our way! How ironic!! We continually were in touch with all of our family and all were situated and doing well. Some of them were actually partying! Can you believe it?! Here we are stuck in traffic and they are barbequing and frying fish, shopping at walmart and watching tv in the air conditioning! That hurt! Well, anyway, we did just fine and considering we lost power on Saturday morning, we decided to head home on Sunday afternoon so we slept (almost naked) with all the windows open and the rain coming down, (it was actually not so bad to rough it for a bit, but I'm really not sure how we actually did it as kids FOR FUN!). We left Lindale at 10:30 and were home by 5:30 so it was a 7 hour ride home through some of the prettiest country back roads I've ever seen. (the problem here is that I saw some shops I'd really liked to have visited, now I'll never remember where they were! {note to self: one of them was 15 miles north of Columbus on a county road that leads into the city} All was well at our house with lots of tiny limbs and twigs all over to pick up but they can wait! Two limbs on my hibiscus were broken but other than that, nothing! God is AWESOME! I feel so broken hearted for all of those that have again, and anew, lost their homes to the hurricanes. If the pictures alone are not enough to break your heart, the voices of those who have been interviewed should do it. I hate the fact that I am so easy to feel others pain at times like this because I feel that if I could carry some of it I would and it's just tooooooooo much. God is STRONG! I know that He will carry the burdens. Thank you all for your prayers and please continue to pray for all of the families that are now displaced due to Rita as well as Katrina. I am now calling this the "KatrinaRita" chronicles. God bless each one of you and may you continue to know the blessings are from Him alone!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Well, after having spent the last 2 weeks helping with the victims of "Katrina", it is our turn to skidaddle! I spent most of yesterday evening packing up the valuables and Paul spent most of this morning loading it all into the camper. We are both tired and he is headed north with Kaylee and the camper. He will come back in the morning and we will wait and see what happens from there. He has to work and may not be let go until Thursday night so we may not get to leave. At least not together. I do have a problem with that but what can ya do?! I am so tired and can't even begin to imagine what will happen if it does make category 4-5. I think our property will be ok but that comes from faith and believing that God will do what is in His plans, and I will just have to live with it! It's just STUFF, right? Man, do I have lots of STUFF! Please click on the title to link to "The Facts" for updates on the hurricane progress and evacuation plans.
Please pray for all of the "Katrina" folks that are here and having to move yet again and be also in prayer for those who will be leaving over the next 2 days. Pray for their travel, their homes, and their protection. Pray for the peace in knowing that God will provide and that He alone, is God! He will not give us more than we can bear. Pray for those in the nursing homes, the mental homes and those who are in hospitals that will begin evacuating at 6:00 in the morning. Pray for peace for those driving them and for safety and health while en route to the destination pre planned for them.
May God bless each of you and may you stay safe and out of harms way. May each of you in this area, leave with your families so that you may return as a family. Please know that you may or may not return to a tattered and battered town or city, but the ability to return is more important because you have to be alive to do so. Take care.
I will try to post tomorrow if time permits with updates as well.

Monday, September 19, 2005

To Cry or Not To Cry........

Yesterday was 5 years from Ian's death. It is still a hard day to get through. We did something a little different yesterday than we usually do. We took a drive. Ok, we left the county! We went to the deer lease for the day. I agreed to go with Paul so that he would'nt have to make the trip by himself. I am now sure that I am certifiable! 5 hours up, 3 hours there, 5 hours return trip! 13 hours in the truck! Ok, this, you would think, would allow you WAY too much time to think. It didn't in fact. We talked, I slept, we talked some more, I slept, Roscoe slept, and we drove on..... We made a stop for a break and then it all began again. More driving. Normally, that wouldn't be such a bad thing but it is really hard on my back. I have to change positions so many times that it makes the seat belt a nuisance. I did enjoy our time alone though. Kaylee stayed the night Saturday with my sister in law, Tracy and she kept her for the day and brought her home when we returned. I was really hoping Paul would want to talk a little about Ian but it is still too hard for him to communicate things about him. We both still miss him sooooo much it is like there is a space in my life that has a gaping hole and there is nothing that can fill it. I cried alot yesterday. I would picture him playing, singing and some of the other crazy things he would do and then I'd see him in the hospital. I try really hard not to have visual memories of the hospital because they come flooding back if I let them. Yesterday, however, I almost welcomed any memory so that I could see him in my mind. Unfortunately, I could'nt get past the visions of the hospital. I saw many of them more clearly than I had in a while. It is hard still. The trip was not without benefits though. We stopped and bought some groceries and had a picnic in the truck at the lease. We made sandwiches, had watermelon, chips and cream cheese. It was not the best, but it was time spent together and that is what I treasure most.
We made it to another year. Seems yesterday at times and eons at others.
Ian turned 5 heavenly years old yesterday and I did take a moment to forget my sadness and thank God for the wonderful 7 years we had him here. I look forward to seeing him again and I know that Paul and I will both see him one day. I know that the day was also hard for Kendra. I know that she won't say things but that it is always there, in the back of her mind and she will hide it like I do until the end of time. For her sake, I really wanted to pull over somewhere out in the country and just yell at the top of my lungs. SCREAM! Fight the injustice of it all. The unfairness. But, as things are, we will make it another year and we will continue to pursue happiness and wholeness even knowing that it can never really be achieved without Ian here. We will continue to do our best to move forward and strive to be examples of "A couple that made it through"! It can be done. It just takes, God, family, faith, and friends.
May God bless each of you today and I pray that He will somehow touch your heart and that you will walk closer to Him.
I would ask that you love your children like the gift that they are and hug them like it could be the last. I remember my last hug and I will treasure that it was on the morning of the wreck!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Just 2 weeks ago, Katrina, hit hard, the coasts of Louisiana, Mississippi, and parts of Alabama. The widespread devastation has left homes destroyed, business's shut down, families are broken and has taken many lives. Now it's time for the clean up to begin in earnest. This picture struck me as symbolic for several reasons and I thought I'd share them. Keep in mind that these are just my thoughts and ramblings and have no true intellectual background of knowledge for what I am writing. (basically a disclaimer that some things may not be perfectly thought out before I write) I write on the "fly" so I write what I am thinking in the moment. Anyway, one of the first things that struck me, which is where the title came from was that the pole looks like a cross. It has been toppled and has fallen to the side but is still intact. It makes me think that the clean up is not just going to be the laborous task of removing all of the debree, and the demolition of homes and business's that were ruined. This will be, I think, the greatest effort on Americas' part, to return a city of fun, lights, and other activities that may be we say...risque, to the former brilliance it once appeared. My thoughts were these; The city needed cleaning up before the storm; people and hearts. Now, I realize that some may take this the wrong way, and that is not my intention, but it will happen I'm sure. My thought is that there were some very unsavory characters(drug dealers, pimps, and those who would make money off of selling things to our children, like lines of bull, dope and alcohol, as well as promises of a better life) dwelling in and around those that work hard and take pride in the cities where they live. It is this way in every city or town. It probably will always be this way. Anyway, I am praying extra for this group of people. This is a good time for them to see that even with nothing, God can still get your attention. I think maybe they are learning a lesson here that even those who we think have everything, can have nothing, and anyone can have even less if they do not have faith in Christ. Next, I think that even though God did not cause this oppressive event to happen, He can and He will, use it to bring His children closer to Him. I would like to believe that in the context of His love and mercy, He is crying with us, as well as for us. For all who were affected in any way, He is prepared to carry those who've grown over burdened and hold hands with those who are troubled. I KNOW that He will be right there to pick up the wounded, the broken and the ones sorrowed from loss. I KNOW that there were many who were not willing to turn to Him until this happened and there will be those who will turn to Him now, and there will be those who choose to blame Him and turn away from Him also. I KNOW that God would like nothing more that to have His children look to Him for their provisions and for His protection. I had to go back and re-read this several times to see what was missing. I think I was trying to make two points that were 1. The cities hit by Katrina will need days, weeks and months even to recover and do clean up. It could be years before everything is restored to the way it was before the storm. 2. Maybe God in His infinite wisdom, allowed this to happen to give people the time to think about how their lives were going. To give them another chance to seek Him. I think cleanup in the cities is right there with a cleanup of hearts. That was what I was really trying to say in my long winded ramble. So, back to the photo. I really looked at this picture while searching for the one that touched me and I kept going back to it so......

It looks like a cross lines holding it still
It looks like a cross Just a matter of will?
It looks like a cross lying on the ground
It looks like a cross Full circle come round.
It looks like a cross tattered and torn
It looks like a cross Covered in thorn.
It looks like a cross dragged through the street
It looks like a cross That held nails in His feet.
It looks like a cross that will again someday stand
It looks like a cross born by all working hand.
It looks like the cross on which my Savior bled
It looks like a cross surrounded by tears shed.
It looks like the cross that once stood on a hill
It looks like a cross Where He paid the ultimate bill.
It looks like a cross waiting for a heart
It looks like a cross That did it's part.
It looks like a cross in the mud it does lay
It looks like a cross Pray for those whom are still lost today.
When you look at the cross What do you see?
When you look to the cross Look on bended knee.
When you look at the cross Look inside your self
When you look at the cross Take God off the shelf.
When you look at the cross Your days will be brighter
When you look at the cross Hold Him close, even tighter.
Take a look at this cross It is battered and beat
Soon, just like the cities, It will be back on it's feet.
This post paid the price of a devilish storm
Though it looks like a cross It is just a wood form.
This cross is a pole that lost it's battle to wind
This cross may have fallen But it did not bend.
The Lord God Jehovah is waiting for you
To call out to Him Such a simple thing to do.
He is waiting to hear if you've chosen His gift
Do not let this storm Between you, build a rift.
The storm has now passed and left in it's wake
damage and death many lives it did take.
Let us not become selfish let us not cast blame
For there are those that now need us And cities to reclaim.
When we look at a cross may we be blessed with the thought
that the cross is what paid for The sins that we've wrought.
May this simple phone pole that lies here in the street
remind you of a cross and a gift that cannot be beat.
May you smile when you see it May you cry just a bit
May you want to help out The places that were hit.
May your blessings be many May your fears be few
May you lean toward Jesus and your heart be renewed.
May you hold dear Gods children May you put yourself in their shoes
May you hug those who need it May you find no excuse.
May God bless you richly May His hand touch your heart
May He send you to places Where you can do your part.

Ramblings by Colleen
Copywrite 9-14-05

Sunday, September 11, 2005










Colleen Cooper


A Note From My Heart......

This morning in church, I was reminded of how much I have that others may not have, of what I can give that others may not have to give. I saw posessions as things, and memories as pictures of those things. I saw moments in my life that I would not trade and moments I'd give anything to forget or take back. I saw lives around me touched by the hand of disaster. I saw fear, hunger, longing, love and even hope and perserverance.
I heard the little girl sitting (well, standing in the chair) next to me, singing the song from the overhead projector with a boisterous voice and you could tell she know the song and apparently thought that it was a good one! (which it was)
I saw my son sitting next to me in a church were we went once to hear Jared Manning sing and I saw my son standing in the pew playing his imaginary guitar and singing at the top of his lungs a song he did not know but was singing anyway. (Count Your Blessings (sung by The Martins, ;click on the link to hear part of the song).
I am sometimes upset that things like this can't happen in the privacy of my own home, times when I foolishly try to hide the tears, (you know the type, wipe one eye quickly....oops, there goes the other one......ok, no wait, here goes the first one again.....). It has been a while since I really had a good cry. I think to myself that I've become hardened to the pain it causes when I think about it but when I am still and quite, God whispers to me, "Colleen, it is ok to cry, I am crying with you. I know you are hurting, I know you miss him terribly, I know that your heart is breaking, go ahead, cry!"
I want to but what good does it do? It smears my makeup, uses kleenex, and doesn't change anything. Ian is still gone.
All this to say that a young girl singing, reminded me of Ian.
Count Your Blessings.

A day of prayer and mourning...

Statue of Liberty over 9-11 smoke
Originally uploaded by praynlady.
Today, as we remember the families and the deceased of the events of the 9-11 tragedy, may we also remember that we are a country that is founded on the strength of our patriotism, our faith and our love for one another. This country was founded on Christian principles and the faith that God was the ultimate ruler of our great nation. We have lost alot in the translation over time but as you look at this photo, what do you see? I see the following:
1. Lady Liberty is standing tall!
2. She is standing straight!
3. She is still raising her hand toward Heaven.
4. She is a visual aid to the fact that , "United We Stand" , and only if we assume a defeatest attitude will we really fall.
5. She is HOPE!
6. She is not wavering in fear!
7. She is still there!

I know that today is a day of mourning for some still, and a day of memories of past times with loved ones that are no longer here. Today, I too, am grieving. I was not even affected as some where, but I watched in horror as the events unfolded. One right after another. It was a day I will never forget. I pray that no one will ever forget this day but that it will someday be less painful for those who lived it. I pray that each year that passes will bring peace and grace to each of those touched by this disaster. I also pray that we as the people of America, will not let this day become simply a reminder of those events, but that we as a people, will remember this day as the first of many days that America pulled together as a nation and overcame the events to stand up a more united nation, a more powerful nation, a more Christlike nation. Some will disagree and some will agree. That's ok. Some will continue to ask how can this be a more Christlike nation if God is such a merciful God, a God of love, etc. and can let things like this happen?! There are answers to these questions but I am hoping that they really already know them, but are not willing to accept that these things just happen. God did not cause these things to happen but because satan has so much control over what happens here on earth, God allows these things to happen. I believe that God is waiting. He is waiting (very patiently, I might add) for those who are still trying to decide if they will give themselves to Him. Some things will get their attention. Were the events of 9-11, those type of things? I hope so! I would like to believe that the events of this date, will never be ignored. I would like to think that God saw more people "saved" this day than many others because I believe that more people HAD to turn to Him. Turn to Him for comfort, love, understanding, support, and peace. We can question "why" all we want but the answers lay far away from our earthly minds. Some day, all of my questions will be answered or pushed away because I think that once I get to heaven, most of my questions will not mean anything anymore.
I grieve for the families whose fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, children, did not come home, and emergency workers who lost their lives trying to help the ones who could not get out.
I grieve for the people who watched these scenes unfold and wondered what our nation was coming too. Those that do not have faith in God.
I grieve for those who lost their faith because of this.
I grieve for those who watched, set back and did nothing.
I grieve for those who laid blame on everyone but themselves.
I grieve for those who will be attending the memorial services today.
I grieve for those who live close to the area that will have to watch as people t whom were affected, go in and out of the area.
I grieve.
I grieve for those who have suffered from Katrina.
I pray that we will never forget the ones who gave life and who lost life during these two tragedies and that we will continu to remain tall, straight, and remain faithful to our Lord, our country, our President, and our nations people. No matter the color, race or creed. Grieve, pray, love, and bless.
May each of you do the same!
May God bless you and keep you and ease the pains that this days memories bring.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Plans were already in place

The Plans were already in place, Los planes eran ya implementado, Os planos eram já em lugar...

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. (English)
Jeremia 29:11
Porque yo sé los planes que tengo acerca de vosotros, dice Jehovah, planes de bienestar y no de mal, para daros porvenir y esperanza. (Spanish)
Jeremias 29:11 Pois wu bem sei os planos que setou projetando para vos, diz o Senhor; p;anos de paz, e nao de mal, para vos dar um futuro e uma esperanca. (Portuguese)

The tragedy of the situation in New Orleans and surrounding areas is fast becoming very complicated. There is anger, sorrow, loss, denial, blame, and hopelessness. It seems clear to me, that the time for these will come later when all rescues have been made and those whom have been removed from their state have been relocated and are being taken care of. It is of no consquence, where, how, or why, just that they are human beings and need our help. I have my own opinions, which I will not share at this time because this is not the place for it. I do know and can honestly say that there is hope. Hope for a tomorrow, hope for a future, hope for rebuilding lives. Maybe not where they began but starting anew. God is our hope, He is our future and we should not discount the fact that all things were planned long before we were born, our parents were born and our grandparents were born. God is our salvation. We
MUST turn to Him, not away from Him. He can handle our screams, our cries, our curses, but He cannot abide with our turning away from Him. He is saddened with us, He cries with us, He IS WITH US! Do not loose hope, or faith. Our Father will carry us when the path gets too tough to walk on our own. He does not want us to be alone, so He picks us up and carries us. Amazing. (English)

To see the rest of this translated into Spanish, or Portuguese, click on the title to link you there.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

IS HE 12 TODAY?.....or is he still 7?

Today is the day we would normally be celebrating my son's 12th birthday. But that is not to be. Ian Kyndale Cooper moved almost 5 years ago to his permanent home with Jesus Christ. Each year on his birthday, I go to the cemetary and place roses out for him. This year was a little easier than the previous. I was already going to the cemetary to see one of my friends bury his 18 year old daughter, Kasey. After her funeral, Kendra and I went to the florist and I was greeted with a bright smile. It was weird, because I thought, how out of place, a smile. This was not a day for smiles. It is a day for tears. Tears for those that have gone before us, those that will be leaving soon, and those that will be forever in our hearts and minds that we have buried much earlier than ever expected. At the cemetary, we removed the flowers that have been in the vase (not real ones), I will clean them and use them again later. I sat down under the tree and started cleaning up the long stem red roses to replace them. I always buy 1 short of the number of years so that the last one is a different color. 11 red and 1 white. Amanda (one of my other "daughters" and one of Ian's big sisters, helped me finish up and then Kendra and I sat there on the bench under the tree that branches out over Ian's grave. It is a cedar. I am not really sure, but someone once told me that cedar trees were once considered a sacred tree. (Not sure who or where this might have been either!) To me, it is a special tree because it keeps shade all year round over Ian's earthly resting place. Ian loved trees and whenever we could not find him, that is where he would be, with whichever cousin or friend was over at the time. I still look up in "his" tree to see if he might be sitting there! Almost 5 years and still it sometimes seems like just yesterday, he was giving me the most wonderful hugs and telling me he loved me "to infinity and beyond"! Wow! My heart still has a giant hole that I am sometimes not sure that even God can fill. I have so many wonderful memories , I will share them later. I guess I kinda got away from the actual reason I was writing this post. What do you think about age at the time someone passes away. Do you think they will forever remain the age at the time or will they beome an adult, or will they grow older? I know that we will have "heavenly bodies" and that they will be free of all sickness and disease, but is there a common age that everyone will be when we die? Let me know what you think.
It is hard when a child passes away before the parents. Any time really. It is just plain hard. I for one, am usually wanting to talk about Ian, whereas my DH is still not really comfortable talking about him. I guess this postcould be considered a pitty party for myself so I would feel better. Either way, I think I do.
Ian, this is for you, my beautiful, precious son, I will love and miss you
"To Infinity and Beyond"!
Keep singin' and dancin' in Heaven, till I join you.

I love you so much,
I miss your gentle touch,
I long to see your face,
When I have finished my earthly race.

You are never far away,
I talk to you every day,
I keep your pictures on the wall,
Always on God's name I call.

Some day not to long from now,
I'll ne'er again have crease'd brow,
I long to see your big brown eyes,
To stop the sorrowed nightly cries.

When stars are shining in the nighttime sky,
I still look up, not asking why,
Just letting God know that I'm alright,
Until I take my heavenly flight.

He sends me signs of your sweet love,
When He shoots a star up high above,
I know that He has smiled at me,
As I stand there, under Ian's tree.
(Copywrite Colleen Cooper 9-6-2005)

PRAYER REQUEST.....................

Please click on the title for the link to the prayer request. Thank you!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Please go to either of these sites and check out how you can help. Please continue to pray for all the victims of this horrific tragedy. Prayer is the quickest way to the heart of God and He will hear your cries.


Father God, I come before you on my knees to thank you for my blessings, my family, my home, my church, my friends, my life. Father, I am crying out to you for your mercy on the victims of "Katrina". Father, pour out your love on them, put your arms of protection around them. Father, protect those that have gone to the affected areas to aid in the removal of those left behind and help them find a place to go. Father, I would like to ask you to show us where we truly are needed to help those that have made it to our communities. I pray that You would provide for the needs of those who are now so far away from homes, family, and friends. Father, let them know that they are welcome here. Let them know that we, as Americans, will help them through. Father, bring America to the aid of all of these people. Lord, watch over the children, and give them peace. Father God, there are so many people who want to help, show them where they are needed by their gifts. Allow us as Christians to show who you are to others. Lord let us be the tools of help, love and good will. Lord, open the hearts of all the people living in this great country to come together as a united front, to help as America has come together before. Lord, let this be one of the greatest times for people to come to know You. You are the provider, the Giver of life and the Maker of all creation, it is in your power alone that I pray all refugees will seek You. I pray for those still trapped in their homes, thirsty, hungry and even fighting to survive the water and fires that are now burning in and around their homes. Father, I ask that You would heal the hearts of those who already know they have lost loved ones and be a steady hand when others find out of their loses. Father, help us to help them. Lord, I pray for the looters. I know that some are truly criminal, and I know that some are just trying to provide for their families. I ask that you protect the law enforcement agencies that are going in to protect the properties of others from theft. Lord, I ask that you protect all of the workers that are headed that direction to help get things running again, like the power companies, the phone companies, the physicians, the nurses, and the Red Cross volunteers. Father watch over the people who are going to New Orleans with supplies of water, food and clothing. Father protect those that I know that work with the rescue groups that are headed that way. Show us how we can help those that have made it here and those who are still seeking shelter and support for their families. Lord, help me/us to keep our hearts clear of evil thoughts towards any of these people and remember that no matter what the circumstances behind how, when and where they left, that they are human lives that You created and we should love them as we love ourselves.
The bible says in Leviticus 19:18 (NIV)

18 " 'Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against one of your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the LORD.
Lord, I pray that America will remember that a life is more valuable than property or money and stand tall and that they will remember that this country was founded on biblical principles and that our laws were based on the ten commandments. Father, open our hearts and our eyes that we may see the devastation in these families lives and know that we as a whole, can let others know that You did not cause these things to happen but that through your divinity, it was allowed to happen. Father, I pray that people across the nation and around the world will fall to their knees and ask for your mercies and your love.
Father God, all these things I humbly bring before you in the name of your son Jesus. Amen.


Well, after having watched 6+ days of the Katrina tragedy, I am sick to my stomach, and having a hard time just keeping up with things. I am one of those people, who can't seem to turn off the tv when something like this happens. Not that anything like this has ever happened before, at least not in my lifetime. I have sat and pondered and worried and in reality, I know that there is really not that much I can do except pray. I am not wealthy, I don't really have room to take anyone in and I have been buying things to donate as I can. I can however, give things from my home. I have WAY more than I need.
Now, the only problem that I foresee, is this: I will have to clean as I pull out things to help the evacuees with things they could use in the time they are getting things back in order. I have clothes, toys, shoes, funiture, and even a refridgerator. I have dishes, towels and so much more. This is just a beginning. If I were to go through every room in my house, I could probably dress an entire family as well as furnish them with enough stuff to fill a house.
Therefore the problem is still that I will have to clean out each room. Do people really want hand me downs? Do they really want to wear used shoes? Would I be able to? The answer, I think, is a resounding YES! I believe that when one is having to start over from scratch, hand me downs are great. To have a couple of changes of clothes, clean undies, socks and such, would definitely be a plus. I keep trying to look on the bright side of things which is really hard at this point but I have found one. With the extras around my house and those of my friends that are doing the same thing, we should be able to help several families have some sense of normalcy. I am pretty sure I just spelt that wrong but am unable to figure out how to use the spell check on here.
As for the Brand New Day, I am going to strive to remove anything from one room that I do not need and take it to the Chamber of Commerce. Each day I will try to finish another room. By the end of the week, my house should be "Clean Swept" and in the end, I'll have much less to move when the time comes.
This will work out great for others and for myself.


YEAH YOU!............

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?...................


Just kidding. I will accept any help that might want to spend the day going through junk, so if you are a junk junkie, have I got the rooms for you!



OK the gas prices are steadily increasing. I have had to sit and think out any trips that I might make and put them all in order of which ones I can do at the same time. For those of you just dropping in for the first time, I AM NOT and organized person. Unlike some of my sisters, I am "spur of the moment", "fly by the seat of my pants" and definitely, most definitely, not organized. I decided this morning, that it might be fun to track the gas prices around America. Send a link to this post to any of your friends in different cities and lets see how many we can get.

1. unleaded is priced
2. diesel is priced
3. horse and buggy sounding better and better

just post your answers in the form of a comment and I will add them as they come in.

West Columbia, Texas (Colleen)
1. 2.99
2. 2.89
2. you betcha

Kansas City, MO (Addie)
1. 2.99
2. 2.79
3. Sure as long as there's enough room for all the car seats.

South Bend, IN. (Todd)
1. 3.20 -> 2.98

Sarah said... I'm in GA.
1. 3.15->6.00 then down to 2.87
2. unsure
3. wishes there was a public transportation like the "L"

Sunday, September 04, 2005


I may not ever be a published writer but I really enjoy the exposure of the blogging world. Please drop by and check out my newest addition. It is strictly for prayer request. I will be using it as a prayer journal along with my daily quiet time so I thought I might as well open it up for other prayer requests. I believe that God hears us when we pray. He listens to our hearts as well as our words. I believe in prayer. I know that God answers prayer. I think much discussion has been centered around why one should pray. There are many who have abandoned prayer because they think God is ignoring them. I have taught many youth that this is not true. God answers prayer in His way, His wisdom, and His time. We may or may not recognise the answers, and we may not like some of them either. God in His infinite divinity, planned the world and has plans for each of us. These things have already been decided long before we were even born. Though we may not see the answers for some time, He does indeed answer our prayers. That is one of the reasons I have tried to keep up a prayer journal. I can look back about 6 years and see where He answered some of them the way I anticipated (without realizing it) and some that He answered with a reply that I was not expecting etc.
Please go, and leave your requests as well. Just check it out!
God Bless,



Saturday, September 03, 2005


Oh my gosh! People are blogging like mad these last few days and I am troubled by several that are totally (and I mean TOTALLY) dogging our President. I blog surfed via the "next blog" button and was stupified by the number of bloggers who are shaken to the core by what is going on and then even more blogs about how our President has failed, is a failure and so on.
It is breaking my heart. I have left comments on some and had to quit. I cannot fight the fight alone. I was beginning to get writers cramps. I finally just ended up simply putting, "I will pray for you along with my ever growing list of victims of Katrina."
I just want people to know that our President is a HUMAN being, that he was created by God just like the rest of the human beings, (you, me, everyone) on this great planet, and in this great country. Human beings are suffering in La, Ms, Al, and Tx. and many more locations. These people are not all the victims of Katrina. These are the ones trying to help, the ones who are having to remove bodies, those who are piloting shanook choppers to retrieve and rescue. These people are the ones driving for hours and hours to transport, to deliver much needed supplies. Humans that are as I am, humbled at the mighty power nature can become. God is merciful! Never forget that! He did not create this monster, but even though I believe He allowed it to happen, I also believe the reasons behind it are His alone! I know that whatever His plans, they were in place long before I was even born and we have to live through the trials and sufferings to become better followers. Stronger believers, to have stronger FAITH!
I digress.
I am watching the news like probably 80% of Americans are. I choose to watch Fox News Live on Satelite channel 205. I do not like Geraldo Rivera, never have, but he is down there, not only talking, but trying to help. I admire this. I may not like him as a person, but that does not mean that I will dog him at every turn of events.
Give the President a break. I can only imagine how much he is suffering at the total chaos that began this tragedy, at the immense number of lost lives, the increasing number of homeless.
Stop a moment and think about this. Homeless! Those who were homeless before this, will be given a place of shelter, refuge, a roof, meals, etc. Those who have never been homeless in their lives, will receive the same. Imagine being one of the victims of this storm and not knowing where your next meal will come from, where you can go to the bathroom, where your child will sleep, when the criminal will come and take from you your most valued posession...your child!
It is not a time for name calling!
It is not a time for wrist slapping!
It is not a time for sitting down and doing nothing!


I have cried, sobbed and shook with anguish over the total devastation in the states and cities affected by hurricane Katrina. My heart hurts with them and for them. Having lost something so precious as a child, I can understand the feelings of those who have lost children, parents and other family members. I have not lost my home or my belongings though and I cannot even begin to understand how the survivors and victims feel. I recently read a post on my bils blog,, about the movie "Hotel Rawanda". It broke my heart just reading what he had written. I was not able to watch the movie because I get so emotional that I carry the weight of the devastating stories in my heart. It is the same with the current situation. However, I cannot get away from the news of this tragedy. It is everywhere. Radio. Television. Newspapers. It's everywhere. Now it is in my home town. We have close to 200 transplants here in West Columbia. It amazes me that some people have had to travel so far with so little. Our community is jumping at the bit to help them and that blesses my heart, but it does not ease the pain that I feel for them. I am by nature a nurturer. I want to help, I want to comfort, I NEED to comfort. God gave me this GIFT and I absolutely love having it. It carries it's own burdens too though. I feel what others feel. I have the uncanny ability to see and know what the feelings are and what I can or cannot say that will help. My heart is open and raw with the pain I see in the photos in the news. It bleeds pure love for those who are still trying to find their loved ones, parents, children, brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and grandchildren. The impact of the devastation from the floods that irradicated parts of New Orleans, Sliddell and other cities will not truly be seen for weeks. The news keeps giving us updates on the monetary value of the devastation but even at $90,000,000,000.00 (If I did that right it should say 90 BILLION $). That has nothing to do with the lives lost. There is no $ amount that can bring them back, or equal their worth to the ones that have lost them. Please be in prayer for the families, not only for their treasured loses but the loses of loved ones. Please do not forget that the value of a human life is worth far more than a home or a car, or a business..... My heart hurts for those who left, did not leave, and the ones who could not leave. Either way, the sorrow and pain will grow stronger for many days to come.
America! Fall to your faces, fall to your knees and pray! God WILL hear your cries and He will answer!

Friday, September 02, 2005



I had planned a really neat post here. I am still working on it but since things are in such a tumultuous state, I decided to wait and finish it later. I would however like to do a poll of sorts. If you read this post, please leave me a comment with your answer to the following 2 questions. (given to me by a very smart woman in the ministry field, Thanks E.)

1. If there are soooo many children orphaned, without parents, homes, families etc... , why would anyone want to create more through cloning?

2. Do you feel that cloning a human being is right or wrong.

Feel free to elaborate.
God Bless.

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