Praynlady's Blessings & Other Fun Stuff: HOW THIRSTY IS YOUR GAS TANK?

Monday, September 05, 2005


OK the gas prices are steadily increasing. I have had to sit and think out any trips that I might make and put them all in order of which ones I can do at the same time. For those of you just dropping in for the first time, I AM NOT and organized person. Unlike some of my sisters, I am "spur of the moment", "fly by the seat of my pants" and definitely, most definitely, not organized. I decided this morning, that it might be fun to track the gas prices around America. Send a link to this post to any of your friends in different cities and lets see how many we can get.

1. unleaded is priced
2. diesel is priced
3. horse and buggy sounding better and better

just post your answers in the form of a comment and I will add them as they come in.

West Columbia, Texas (Colleen)
1. 2.99
2. 2.89
2. you betcha

Kansas City, MO (Addie)
1. 2.99
2. 2.79
3. Sure as long as there's enough room for all the car seats.

South Bend, IN. (Todd)
1. 3.20 -> 2.98

Sarah said... I'm in GA.
1. 3.15->6.00 then down to 2.87
2. unsure
3. wishes there was a public transportation like the "L"

I had to buy gas yesterday and to fill up just 3/4 of the tank cost over $50. That's what it usually cost when the tank is empty. Yeow!

Kansas City, MO
1. 2.99
2. 2.79
3. Sure as long as there's enough room for all the car seats.
Gas prices started at $3.20 today in parts of South Bend, IN... now at 10:03 pm they are at $2.98. Apparently they are suppose to go up to close to $4.00 soon. This is just for the regular stuff.
I'm in GA. Last week it got as high as: $3.15 (87), $3.25 (89), and $3.40 (93). Around Atlanta, it was $6.00 a gallon for (93). Thank goodness the governor put a stop to that.

Now it's back down to $2.79 for 87.

I haven't watched the disel prices.

I just wish we had the option for public transportation here (like The L). But, not an option. So, it's a pain to drive 20 miles one way to work daily.
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