Praynlady's Blessings & Other Fun Stuff: November 2005

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


It is the time of year to celebrate and share with our families and this year will be no different for some but totally different for others. Some will be celebrating their first Holiday without a loved one. Some will be going through it alone, hungry, depressed and so on. For those of us that have family gatherings, we MUST remember to pray for the ones that are in these other situations. I still find it hard to make it through the holidays without Ian, but as difficult as it is, I do get through it and this is one of the ways I manage to make it through. Might be something you'd like to try.
1. Make a list (begin about 1 month before Thanksgiving) of things you are thankful for.
2. Highlight the ones (about a week before) that are the most special to you.
3. See how many of the highlighted ones are towards the top of your list (where you started)
4. If any more come to mind (the day before) add them.
5. Read aloud (if you are alone) or share with your family.
6. Make a list of the loved ones you are missing this holiday.
( I have done mine below)

Now... pray for the things you left off the list, like bad weather, the traffic that kept you from an appointment, the bad hair day(s), the illness that you are recovering from. ROACHES.....ETC.

God has reasons for the good and the bad.

It is not for us to question Him, just be thankful for everything you have, do, share, and everything in between.

1. Paul, Kaylee, Kendra, Ian
2. My family
3. My friends
4. My pets
5. My home
6. My ability to breath
7. My back
8. My son's life
9. My faith
10. My life eternal
11. roaches
12. fleas
13. the lady that almost ran me off the road

Ian, Papaw, Granny, Granny, Mamaw, Nanna, Granddaddy,

Sunday, November 20, 2005

WAY TO GO COUGARS.......WAY TO GO.........

These brave young boys and girls (and men) are the TRI-CITY COUGARS! Our team consists of 24 boys ranging from 11-12 years old, a few cheerleaders and our coaches. Eric LaPointe is the Head coach and coaches the offensive team and Paul Cooper is the Asst. coach and he coaches the defensive team. They have a couple of guys that help and Frank Martinez and Ondre Hall are just two of them. Our team families are extremely supportive as I saw last night at our second playoff game. We played against Tidehaven Tigers. We played them once and won and a second time and lost. We were pretty nervous about this one because it could go either way. Our families showed up in force and I lost count somewhere around 200 people just on our side of the bleachers and stands. We had aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins and neighbors. We had a tremendous game and on the first kick off, Sean took the ball for a really long touchdown. We did not make the extra point but it put us immediately in the lead and let the Tigers know that we weren't going to back down this time. We were not going to take any of their flack! In the second quarter, another touchdown was scored but this time by the Tigers. They also missed their extra point. We laughed at the competitiveness that was rampant even in the stands. It was a real treat to see the families rallied so much for their sons. A little later in the second quarter, we, the Cougars, scored another touch down, missed the extra point again but it changed the score to 12-6. EXCITING!!! We managed to hold them there until the final game buzzer went off after the 4th quarter of the game and it was final.....
I was so impressed by the boys playing as a team this time and they cheered each other on and there was no bickering among them. They just played their little hearts out! And were successful to top it off! Amazing.
Side note: Kaylee was allowed to join the cheerleaders and I will include a photo later if any of them turned out. She got up there with her pom poms and shook her booty just like the rest of the girls. She had a blast.
Shout out: My father in law, Joe Mack and my sister in law, Tracy (aka Pankin) were there as well and Kaylee really enjoyed them too. Thanks for coming to see Paul whoop hiney!

Thursday, November 17, 2005


This tiny decorative box is only 22' X 9' on the inside.

As adults, funerals become part of every day life. We, on average will attend about 5-10 per year. Normally, it is the passing of an elderly person we love or that we know from church or the community. I have been to my share of them and still manage to make a blubbering fool of myself anyway. It is however, an unthinkable tragedy when we have to bury a baby or a young child. Today we buried my daughters best friends' son, Lawrence. 10 weeks and 4 days old, he became another in the long list of victims to succomb to SIDS. It was a very solemn event and one I do not wish to repeat again in my lifetime. It is hard to watch a loved one be confined in a decorative yet final resting place, especially a child. Lawrence was a beautiful little boy and I told anyone I saw with him that he was probably the prettiest baby I had ever seen (excluding my son of course). I realize that he is now singing with angels and being held by Jesus but it does not lesson the pain of seperation. This I know too well. As I sat and listened to the service and the music that was selected, it came to my mind that this is where we all will be eventually. I am not afraid of death, I am afraid of dying and not finishing the task God created me for. It was this realization that made me start to think of things that I know God as told me and even asked me to do for Him. I have been like Jonah. Afraid! Afraid to move forward. I am not afraid of death but I am afraid of rejection. I believe this may be a part of all of us deep down. As I sat there, I began to think about my life and those of my friends and family who do not have a relationship with Christ. What have I not done to plant the seeds of salvation? Have I missed opportunity after opportunity to share with them His love? How many opportunities will they have? Is it too late? I will hope and pray that it is not.
I also began to think of 5 years ago when we watched as our sons 7 year young life was being celebrated and then 3 years later the 2 year young life of the son of one of my dearest friends. I know that God, in His infinite wisdom, having already planned our lives long before we are even born, has the answers. We have only questions. Why? Why? Why?!!
As I sit here now, thinking of scripture that would relate to this post, I am dumbfounded by the many verses that have meaning along these lines. God has left us love letters to help us through these tragic times. He has given us guidelines to keep going and keep living, knowing that we will one day see our loved ones again.
This brings to mind another all encompassing question that has racked my brain many millions of times in the last 5 years! If I struggle daily to keep moving forward and I am strong in my faith, how does someone who has no faith continue to draw breath. I can recall many times early on when I wanted to stop breathing, stop being, to just stop. But my faith and my God were stronger than I was and He carried me a long way before I was able to walk alone again. How do those without faith carry on? It breaks my heart to not have the assurance that Catrina and members of her family may or may not be believers. Should I have just jumped in and asked? Is that too personal a question? I think yes to the first and I don't believe I care to the second one. Did I do it? No! I am ashamed to say that I did not. I will though.
I am praying that having the experience that I do, that God is leading me up a path of counsel. I have talked about it to several people and it seems that in the past few weeks, He has given me the strength to help out in tragic circumstances. I am not sure where He is leading me with this but I am praying that it will become evident.
It is now my thinking that LIFE should be lived fully, for Him, as a JOYFUL JOURNEY TO HEAVEN.
I am knowledgeable about many things but I am CERTAIN of one, I will go to heaven to live with Christ Jesus one day!
I would share this prayer;

Father God, thank you for the family you have given me. Thank you for the time that I have been allowed to share with them. Thank you for promising me that my son is living with you already. Thank you for promising me that if I came to know your son, I would live eternally with you in your kingdom. Father, I ask you to place your love around Catrina and her family and that you would give them comfort like no other they have ever known. I pray that you would lift their hearts and open their eyes to see you in the favors you have given them. I thank you for the 10 weeks that Catrina had with her son. I ask that you watch over Kendra as the stress of the situation begins to settle in her heart and that you will not allow it to let her back into the dark place she has lived for so long. Father God, give them comfort, peace and joy in a time when it is needed most. Father, I pray that you will guide me to the place you want me to be and show me where I am to be used to further your kingdom. Father, I ask that you continue to grant me favor in health, and spirit. Father thank you for my friends. Thank you for sending wonderful people my way Lord, ones that you have shown me to be prayer warriors and steadfast friends. Father God, all of these things I ask in the precious name of your son, Jesus Christ. Amen

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Silent Death.........

Today, another beautiful little baby boy was taken from his earthly home to join our Lord in heaven, and the many others that have gone before him. His little body was found in his bed earlier this afternoon by my daughters husband. The doctors are still investigating but the majority believe that SIDS has struck another family. The babies mother was at work. Kendra and John called 911 and the ambulance, the police and my mom showed up very quickly. From what I understand, Kendra was trying to administer cpr to Lawrence David Cook but to no avail. The hospital doctors did everything possible and again to no avail. Baby Lawrence went to heaven at just shy of 11 weeks. "Squeaky" was a beautiful little boy and I played with him just yesterday afternoon for several hours. It amazes me how the "silent killer" strikes when least expected. Lawrence was healthy and happy. Having worked for the Southwest Sudden Infant Death Research Institute, I am still stuck dumb that it happens so quickly and quietly. It is a horrible thing to find a child already gone, in the crib or bed where he or she has slept many times. I, having lost a child, though in a different manner, cannot even begin to understand how the mothers and fathers feel upon finding there is nothing wrong or no illness, just death. "Crib Death" has been around for a very long time and I have worked with and talked to many families that have dealt with it. Several of them have gone through it more than one time. I can't even begin to imagine how it must affect ones faith and beliefs. God is stronger than even death and I firmly believe that He knows we will question, scream, yell, curse and even make threats towards Him. I also know that He cries with us and for us. He is now wrapping Catrina a hug of protection and peace. I pray that He will see her through this terrible time and that she will learn to turn to Him. I am not sure that she is a believer or not but I am continuing to pray that she will be. I know that many people have gone through this and I know that anyone who happens to read this post will pray for her and the family. Please pray for Catrina, Catalina, and the rest of the family as well as for Kendra and John.

Father God, I come to you with my heart bleeding with pain. I am disturbed that such small children can be taken so quickly and leave behind them the anguish and pain for the parents and siblings as well as the outer families to suffer. Lord, I ask that you would reach down from heaven with your love and wrap Catrina and Kendra and the others in your arms. Lord, give them peace and understanding in this time of desperate need. Father, I pray that you would touch the lives of Catrinas relatives that do not seek you, that they will come to know you through what they see in our lives and that without You, there is so little hope of coping with this tragic loss. Father God, I ask that you would put your loving arms around Kendra, Father, that she will know in her head and heart that she is not alone, that she is not at fault and that she does not need to carry this around inside of her as she did for so long with Ian. Father, I would ask that You were able to use this babies life for good and that Catrina will see you, see hope, see peace and see the way. Father, I thank you for continually blessing me and my family. I thank you for each and every breath you allow me to draw. I thank you for each and every second that I can see and talk to my children. I thank you for every moment I have the privelidge of spending in the company of my husband. I thank you for my family. I thank you for the things that have happened in my life to bring me to the place that I am now. Closer to You. I thank you for the events that have helped to form me. I thank you for (urgh!!) even the roaches! Father, all the things in my heart that you have already heard before my fingers could press the keys, I ask you and I thank you for them in your precious sons' name. Amen.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Life IS a dance..................................

I've not posted in over a week but I've been away so I'll try to make up for some lost time.

Every day that I awaken
To take another breath,
I thank the Lord in heaven above
For yet another chance.

I may have to struggle
Just to leave the bed,
to bathe and dress my daughter,
But I'll try to make the best with each new chance.

I talk to God all through the day,
It's a conversation like no other,
Telling Him of my dreams and schemes,
If I had but one more chance.

My husband is a gift from God,
As are my daughters and my son.
They make my life from day to day
Worth each and every chance.

God has blessed my life so much,
If only one thing I could change,
It would be to have my son with me
And share with him this dance.

Copywrite Colleen Cooper 11-11-2005

Colleens 8 pt buck

Originally uploaded by praynlady.
Here is the first picture taken. It's a little dark but hopefully you can see the antlers.


Originally uploaded by praynlady.
Here is one picture. Getting ready to cape him for a shoulder mount.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Well, it is once again hunting season. I am so excited. I went mostly to keep Paul "company", and out of 5 times that Paul went out to the stand, I only went once! Who'd believe that I would get a GREAT buck the only time I went out!?! I shot an 8 point with my new Remington 708, "Pretty Baby", with the perfect shot, and he only made it three yards if that and it was because when I hit him, he jumped. He expired very quickly and I was proud of my accuracy. I was really proud of the buck though! He was a little over 135 pounds and was a beautiful animal. Paul is going to have him mounted for me. My first mount worthy deer. Here are a couple of really bad pictures and I apologise for them in advance. Paul is not a photographer so just know that they could have been a bit better (if I'd taken them) haha!

Ok!! I lied! It won't let me download the photos. I will try again tomorrow to add them to the post.
Have a great weekend!
Blessings and hugs,

Thursday, November 03, 2005


I am in heaven. A blog about something I love. A John Deere Blog Most of you will really know now that I am nuts but I am really excited to share this blog with you if you are interested in JOHN DEERE items and collectibles. So......go check it out. It has a link to the online store where I love to look at all the things I will order someday!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


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