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Sunday, November 20, 2005

WAY TO GO COUGARS.......WAY TO GO.........

These brave young boys and girls (and men) are the TRI-CITY COUGARS! Our team consists of 24 boys ranging from 11-12 years old, a few cheerleaders and our coaches. Eric LaPointe is the Head coach and coaches the offensive team and Paul Cooper is the Asst. coach and he coaches the defensive team. They have a couple of guys that help and Frank Martinez and Ondre Hall are just two of them. Our team families are extremely supportive as I saw last night at our second playoff game. We played against Tidehaven Tigers. We played them once and won and a second time and lost. We were pretty nervous about this one because it could go either way. Our families showed up in force and I lost count somewhere around 200 people just on our side of the bleachers and stands. We had aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins and neighbors. We had a tremendous game and on the first kick off, Sean took the ball for a really long touchdown. We did not make the extra point but it put us immediately in the lead and let the Tigers know that we weren't going to back down this time. We were not going to take any of their flack! In the second quarter, another touchdown was scored but this time by the Tigers. They also missed their extra point. We laughed at the competitiveness that was rampant even in the stands. It was a real treat to see the families rallied so much for their sons. A little later in the second quarter, we, the Cougars, scored another touch down, missed the extra point again but it changed the score to 12-6. EXCITING!!! We managed to hold them there until the final game buzzer went off after the 4th quarter of the game and it was final.....
I was so impressed by the boys playing as a team this time and they cheered each other on and there was no bickering among them. They just played their little hearts out! And were successful to top it off! Amazing.
Side note: Kaylee was allowed to join the cheerleaders and I will include a photo later if any of them turned out. She got up there with her pom poms and shook her booty just like the rest of the girls. She had a blast.
Shout out: My father in law, Joe Mack and my sister in law, Tracy (aka Pankin) were there as well and Kaylee really enjoyed them too. Thanks for coming to see Paul whoop hiney!

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