Praynlady's Blessings & Other Fun Stuff: June 2006

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Where does the time go?

I have been so busy, (surprisingly), working on my new "adventure", that I have been slacking on my regular ole blog! I know that there are not that many "daily" readers of my site but I do like to at least attempt to keep it current.

I have missed seeing all the familiar names on my posts! Hey Gals, where are you?

I have a prayer request and a praise.

Prayer request

Please, Please, Please, pray for my sister's sister in law! She was supposed to have the same back surgery that I had and she is a little older, a little different in circumstance and she has had to have her surgery for tomorrow cancelled. While running pre-surgical tests, she was found to have a mass (lump) in one of her lungs. We are not sure yet what it is, but she was sent to take another scan and they referred her to a pulmonologist. The quickest they could get her in was this coming Friday. She is a professor at Purdue and is struggling to figure out what to do, how to go back to work in the current pain situation as well as what to do about the tests. Please keep her, her parents and my sister and her family (where she is staying at the moment) as they continue to support, and encourage her until all is figured out and she is blessed with a miracle that I know God can perform. I know that he can irradicate this lump and allow her to get on with her plans.

I have recently started a new "adventure" and it has taken off like a hot cake! I have been blessed with orders from friends, family as well as people I have never even met! I want to thank God for allowing me to find something that I can do with my time besides sit here and write blog posts all day! (Not that I don't truly enjoy it, cuz I really do.....)
I want to thank God for my friends and family members that have supported yet another one of my "goober" ideas and to my daughter and 2 of my neices for helping me keep up with the "demands" for our creations!

Kendra, Shannon, & Tori,
You gals have been wonderful help and I will be grateful to you for all you have done to help me so far and look forward to having you here to help out again. (Am I gonna have to start paying you guys?) lol

I thank God for new friends (carol), those that are near and dear to me and those that are not close by that I have met through the blogs. (Patricia)

I thank God for my husband who is allowing me to try my best to get this new "adventure" up and running!
(Paul, I love you very much and you are a blessing to me)

Ok, enough for now, I will try to catch things up better tomorrow!

Hugs and Blessings,

Thursday, June 15, 2006

IF YOU HAVE TIME.....SOME PEOPLE DON'T... - Glitter Graphics

If you have a few minutes, please take time to go and check out my new blog. I am just
getting it lined out so there are still kinks that I have to work out but at least you can
get an idea of what it is about. It is very important to me and I hope that others will see
the good in it! Please leave me a comment on either this post or on the new blog to let
me know you've been there and what you think. I'd also love to hear suggestions!


I did'nt have to think too hard for these as I
have been waiting 6 months for this day! haha

1. To adopt a baby....(not likely by Saturday)
2. To really be successful in my new venture
3. Ok, really now, heres the list...
A really big bottle of Red Door
4. A large cube ice chest on wheels
5. Gift certificate to Hobby Lobby
6. Gift certificate to Walmart
7. Gift certificate to Catos
8. 19" flat screen monitor
9. Gift certificate to Lowes
10. Gift certificate to Home Depot
12. More MONEY
13. To win the lottery for MORE MONEY....
(oops, I forgot, I don't play the lottery)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Just some chatter...

I woke up early this morning! It goes something like this.....

I awoke and stole a look at the clock.....5:05!
I realized that there were only 6 inches of mattress left between me and the floor and that my daughter was filling them up! (at least she'd break my fall!)lol
Then she fell!
Ok, I am sorry I thought it!
She didn't even realize she'd fallen until I touched her and pulled her back up into the bed.
She woke up the dogs!
They have to go out now!
Looked at the clock....5:08!
This stinks.
I really want to go back to bed!
I am going to catch up on my blogs!
I am going to have my quiet time outside!
Think again!
The dogs won't even stay out because of the mosquitos!
Ok, so we are back in the house, I am blogging, the dogs have gone back to sleep on the floor of my computer room while I sit here blogging!
God Bless and have a great day!
Please pray that I will find time to catch a nap sometime today! I am so behind on sleep and the lack of it is really starting to affect everything I do and who I am.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Cool New Link I Found on The All "BLOG" Stars Blog

Here is a really neet way to make some new pictures and have fun with "buttons"!!! I have tried it out on my new blog "Chasing Butterflies" so go check it out if you have time. Would love to hear from you there too! It's a great thing! To use the link just click on the button below! - Glitter Graphics

Have a great day and may God bless you this week! - Glitter Graphics

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Sunday Surprise logo

Here is a new one I thought of just because I was bored!
Today is Sunday, our day to spend time with God. Please leave a comment sharing something that you saw today that lifted your spirit and made you think, "WOW, God created this, or God is awesome"! Something like that. I will start with mine....

Today, while buying groceries at (once again---Wally World), I noticed that every person that I made eye contact with and said hello with a smile, smiled back and replied. Those that made eye contact with me first, and said nothing, when I smiled and acknowledged them, they were not as receptive. Here is my thought; If you show someone God in you, they will see him. If you don't see Him in them, then probably no one else does either! Think about that one!


Thirteen Things That Happened On My 1st Summer Camping Trip....
(ps this is posted after we returned...obviously....heehee)

1. I scratched at my "pox" most of the trip, while working sudoku puzzles and trying not to get car sick!
2. I hurt myself squinching (sp) my eyes as we drove under my inlaws ranch gate.
3. I bought alot of beads.
4. I didn't make it to the store I've been trying to check out (and ladies, that is depressing, {cuz they are now going out of business [after 6 years] of trying to get there} and they had everything 75% off, too!5. I bought more beads.
(Man, don't you looooooovvve Wally

6. I made the absolute best ever guacamole dip and made myself sick on it! (my diet was definitely shot that day!)
7. I swam at the beach------ok, really but not really.... the swim beach at Lake Holbrook.
8. I watched my Kaylee swim underwater (quite well, actually) and admired the way she, at 3, did it without even thinking of plugging her nose like both her cousins (11 & 5) were doing.
9. I kissed my husband! What a guy! --he took me shopping and we went "almost" every where I wanted to go ...... even Gander Mountain.
10. I rescued my 4 lb. Lucky from my inlaws dog, Gidgette just as she was about to consume a "lucky" dinner!11. I didn't get much sleep!
12. I had fun with my M-I-L.
13. I thanked God everyday for the time we were sharing and the weather that was beautiful!

It's Sunday.....I'm Sleepy

Yesterday I had the priviledge of having 3 neices and 2 nephews come out to the house for a night with "Ollie". We (so far----I have'nt woke them up yet this morning) have had a blast. I know that several of my blogger friends have talked about swimming pools, and I have to tell you that mine may have been small but it was worth every penny yesterday! At one time, several times actually, this is what it was like; me (40+), neice #1-(15), neice #2-(14), neice #3-(7), nephew #1-(13), nephew #2-(10), were all in the pool together! Now keep in mind that my pool is only an 8X2.5 so it's not that big! They even had us all running in circles to make a current and then we would all sit down and float around in circles about 8-10 rotations in unison! That was hysterical and I wish I had that on video! We ate ( I had told them we would take them out but they were having so much fun (until it started raining--and even then, they got out and actually tried to "MOON WALK" in the rain and that was definitely worth seeing!), we decided to eat the rotissirie chickens I bought earlier. When we had eaten, and all were showered, we retreated to the camper; a 30 ft Salem, where we sat down at the table (all 6 of us) and I let them each make a beaded bracelet! There were only a few instances of "Oh NO!", my beads fell, or "Hey, watch out, you almost made me lose my beads!", and things like that but all in all they all had a great time (at least I think so) and even the youngest one, who did lose several of her beads when her plate was knocked off the table, came out with a really cute bracelet (made by yours truly) that she was really proud of! I told her I would have her out again to make her own when there were not so many people around! She was happy with that. It was well after midnight when we finally got to bed after having the breaker trip, TWICE, and finally, we opened the windows, cranked up a couple of fans and gave up! I actually slept better than I have in many months! Go figure! Unfortunately, Roscoe and Lucky, my 6 & 4 lb. dogs woke me up at 6:00 to go out! Well, 5 hours of sleep one more night puts me somewhere around 19 hours of sleep in 5 days! It's SUMMER right?!!? Well, I have to go wake the little heathens up now and get them to church by 8:45, so I guess I better hop to it! Hope you all have a wonderful day today! I "hear" it's gonna be a beaut! I will post the pictures from last night once I get back and can properly see out of both eyes without the odd fuzziness that seems to be giving me problems now! Lack of sleep or old eyes? You tell me! haha

Blessings and Hugs,

Friday, June 02, 2006

Lord, Help Me Keep My Big Mouth Shut....


We finally made it home and I am so tired that I cannot even keep my eyes open right now so I will blog in the morning. Have a great weekend! I am SURE gonna try!

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