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Sunday, June 04, 2006


Thirteen Things That Happened On My 1st Summer Camping Trip....
(ps this is posted after we returned...obviously....heehee)

1. I scratched at my "pox" most of the trip, while working sudoku puzzles and trying not to get car sick!
2. I hurt myself squinching (sp) my eyes as we drove under my inlaws ranch gate.
3. I bought alot of beads.
4. I didn't make it to the store I've been trying to check out (and ladies, that is depressing, {cuz they are now going out of business [after 6 years] of trying to get there} and they had everything 75% off, too!5. I bought more beads.
(Man, don't you looooooovvve Wally

6. I made the absolute best ever guacamole dip and made myself sick on it! (my diet was definitely shot that day!)
7. I swam at the beach------ok, really but not really.... the swim beach at Lake Holbrook.
8. I watched my Kaylee swim underwater (quite well, actually) and admired the way she, at 3, did it without even thinking of plugging her nose like both her cousins (11 & 5) were doing.
9. I kissed my husband! What a guy! --he took me shopping and we went "almost" every where I wanted to go ...... even Gander Mountain.
10. I rescued my 4 lb. Lucky from my inlaws dog, Gidgette just as she was about to consume a "lucky" dinner!11. I didn't get much sleep!
12. I had fun with my M-I-L.
13. I thanked God everyday for the time we were sharing and the weather that was beautiful!

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