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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Just some chatter...

I woke up early this morning! It goes something like this.....

I awoke and stole a look at the clock.....5:05!
I realized that there were only 6 inches of mattress left between me and the floor and that my daughter was filling them up! (at least she'd break my fall!)lol
Then she fell!
Ok, I am sorry I thought it!
She didn't even realize she'd fallen until I touched her and pulled her back up into the bed.
She woke up the dogs!
They have to go out now!
Looked at the clock....5:08!
This stinks.
I really want to go back to bed!
I am going to catch up on my blogs!
I am going to have my quiet time outside!
Think again!
The dogs won't even stay out because of the mosquitos!
Ok, so we are back in the house, I am blogging, the dogs have gone back to sleep on the floor of my computer room while I sit here blogging!
God Bless and have a great day!
Please pray that I will find time to catch a nap sometime today! I am so behind on sleep and the lack of it is really starting to affect everything I do and who I am.

Hi neighbor! I love it when fellow Texans come over to visit me!

Sounds like you had a rough morning! Yes.....hope you DO get a chance to catch a nap today.

Thanks for dropping by and come back any o' time!!
I so dislike getting up that early. And the worst, it's not early enough to go back to sleep without feeling groggy later. Ugh!
Ugh! Not a fun start! At least you still retained your sense of humor! ;-)
Hope you have caught up on your sleep--and have the energy to stop by my blog--You're invited to the first ever WELCOME HOME party for Dawn's son! God is SO good!

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