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Friday, June 02, 2006

Lord, Help Me Keep My Big Mouth Shut....


We finally made it home and I am so tired that I cannot even keep my eyes open right now so I will blog in the morning. Have a great weekend! I am SURE gonna try!

Hey Miss Praynlady, HOWDY!!!!

Just stopping by to tell you I appreciate our onlilne freindship very much, I wanna thank ya for all of your powerful prayers and for all of your support.... thank you so much.. I am truly blessed with our freindship.

I ask our MERCIFUL LORD JESUS to bless you in HEALTH so you can rest from all of the "chaos" that has been going on with you :) I pray that He keep strenghthening YOU EVERY single DAY to be the super prayerwarrior,woman, wife,mother,grandmother,freind that you are, I ask HIM to RENEW your BODY and your SPIRIT through the POWER of the HOLY GHOST and the WORD of GOD that GROWS inside of you every DAY. GOD is LORD ALMIGHTY YOUR ROCK, YOUR CASTLE, YOUR STREGNTH, YOUR REEDEMER, YOUR SHEPERD, YOUR HEARTACHE HEALER, YOUR HUSBAND, YOUR PROVIDER, YOUR COMFORTER, YOUR SECRETKEEPER, YOUR EVERYTHING.. HE will not let your foot slip, in JESUS Name I pray amen!!

Happy FRIDAY, hope you have a great weekend, i miss ya. :)

Hugs, Love ya


**** PSALM 121 *****
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