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Sunday, June 04, 2006

It's Sunday.....I'm Sleepy

Yesterday I had the priviledge of having 3 neices and 2 nephews come out to the house for a night with "Ollie". We (so far----I have'nt woke them up yet this morning) have had a blast. I know that several of my blogger friends have talked about swimming pools, and I have to tell you that mine may have been small but it was worth every penny yesterday! At one time, several times actually, this is what it was like; me (40+), neice #1-(15), neice #2-(14), neice #3-(7), nephew #1-(13), nephew #2-(10), were all in the pool together! Now keep in mind that my pool is only an 8X2.5 so it's not that big! They even had us all running in circles to make a current and then we would all sit down and float around in circles about 8-10 rotations in unison! That was hysterical and I wish I had that on video! We ate ( I had told them we would take them out but they were having so much fun (until it started raining--and even then, they got out and actually tried to "MOON WALK" in the rain and that was definitely worth seeing!), we decided to eat the rotissirie chickens I bought earlier. When we had eaten, and all were showered, we retreated to the camper; a 30 ft Salem, where we sat down at the table (all 6 of us) and I let them each make a beaded bracelet! There were only a few instances of "Oh NO!", my beads fell, or "Hey, watch out, you almost made me lose my beads!", and things like that but all in all they all had a great time (at least I think so) and even the youngest one, who did lose several of her beads when her plate was knocked off the table, came out with a really cute bracelet (made by yours truly) that she was really proud of! I told her I would have her out again to make her own when there were not so many people around! She was happy with that. It was well after midnight when we finally got to bed after having the breaker trip, TWICE, and finally, we opened the windows, cranked up a couple of fans and gave up! I actually slept better than I have in many months! Go figure! Unfortunately, Roscoe and Lucky, my 6 & 4 lb. dogs woke me up at 6:00 to go out! Well, 5 hours of sleep one more night puts me somewhere around 19 hours of sleep in 5 days! It's SUMMER right?!!? Well, I have to go wake the little heathens up now and get them to church by 8:45, so I guess I better hop to it! Hope you all have a wonderful day today! I "hear" it's gonna be a beaut! I will post the pictures from last night once I get back and can properly see out of both eyes without the odd fuzziness that seems to be giving me problems now! Lack of sleep or old eyes? You tell me! haha

Blessings and Hugs,

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