Praynlady's Blessings & Other Fun Stuff: THIRTEEN THINGS I'D LIKE FOR MY BIRTHDAY

Thursday, June 15, 2006


I did'nt have to think too hard for these as I
have been waiting 6 months for this day! haha

1. To adopt a baby....(not likely by Saturday)
2. To really be successful in my new venture
3. Ok, really now, heres the list...
A really big bottle of Red Door
4. A large cube ice chest on wheels
5. Gift certificate to Hobby Lobby
6. Gift certificate to Walmart
7. Gift certificate to Catos
8. 19" flat screen monitor
9. Gift certificate to Lowes
10. Gift certificate to Home Depot
12. More MONEY
13. To win the lottery for MORE MONEY....
(oops, I forgot, I don't play the lottery)

If you visit and wonder why I signed my own linkie in, it's because I was having trouble with my blog and my profile and info went all the way to the bottom of the page and I was trying to figure out if the linky was causing the problem. I finally found that my titles were longer than the space alloted for them and it ran over and caused the right column to be pushed down to the bottom. Sorry!
Happy Birthday! I'm kinda glad I just had a chance to check my bloglines today, Saturday! So, have a great one and I hope you get everything on your list--even #1--at some point. =)
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