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Friday, November 11, 2005

Life IS a dance..................................

I've not posted in over a week but I've been away so I'll try to make up for some lost time.

Every day that I awaken
To take another breath,
I thank the Lord in heaven above
For yet another chance.

I may have to struggle
Just to leave the bed,
to bathe and dress my daughter,
But I'll try to make the best with each new chance.

I talk to God all through the day,
It's a conversation like no other,
Telling Him of my dreams and schemes,
If I had but one more chance.

My husband is a gift from God,
As are my daughters and my son.
They make my life from day to day
Worth each and every chance.

God has blessed my life so much,
If only one thing I could change,
It would be to have my son with me
And share with him this dance.

Copywrite Colleen Cooper 11-11-2005

NICE poem!!!!

Ive been missing our you and our talks, hope youre feeling better.

Pat :)
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