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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Silent Death.........

Today, another beautiful little baby boy was taken from his earthly home to join our Lord in heaven, and the many others that have gone before him. His little body was found in his bed earlier this afternoon by my daughters husband. The doctors are still investigating but the majority believe that SIDS has struck another family. The babies mother was at work. Kendra and John called 911 and the ambulance, the police and my mom showed up very quickly. From what I understand, Kendra was trying to administer cpr to Lawrence David Cook but to no avail. The hospital doctors did everything possible and again to no avail. Baby Lawrence went to heaven at just shy of 11 weeks. "Squeaky" was a beautiful little boy and I played with him just yesterday afternoon for several hours. It amazes me how the "silent killer" strikes when least expected. Lawrence was healthy and happy. Having worked for the Southwest Sudden Infant Death Research Institute, I am still stuck dumb that it happens so quickly and quietly. It is a horrible thing to find a child already gone, in the crib or bed where he or she has slept many times. I, having lost a child, though in a different manner, cannot even begin to understand how the mothers and fathers feel upon finding there is nothing wrong or no illness, just death. "Crib Death" has been around for a very long time and I have worked with and talked to many families that have dealt with it. Several of them have gone through it more than one time. I can't even begin to imagine how it must affect ones faith and beliefs. God is stronger than even death and I firmly believe that He knows we will question, scream, yell, curse and even make threats towards Him. I also know that He cries with us and for us. He is now wrapping Catrina a hug of protection and peace. I pray that He will see her through this terrible time and that she will learn to turn to Him. I am not sure that she is a believer or not but I am continuing to pray that she will be. I know that many people have gone through this and I know that anyone who happens to read this post will pray for her and the family. Please pray for Catrina, Catalina, and the rest of the family as well as for Kendra and John.

Father God, I come to you with my heart bleeding with pain. I am disturbed that such small children can be taken so quickly and leave behind them the anguish and pain for the parents and siblings as well as the outer families to suffer. Lord, I ask that you would reach down from heaven with your love and wrap Catrina and Kendra and the others in your arms. Lord, give them peace and understanding in this time of desperate need. Father, I pray that you would touch the lives of Catrinas relatives that do not seek you, that they will come to know you through what they see in our lives and that without You, there is so little hope of coping with this tragic loss. Father God, I ask that you would put your loving arms around Kendra, Father, that she will know in her head and heart that she is not alone, that she is not at fault and that she does not need to carry this around inside of her as she did for so long with Ian. Father, I would ask that You were able to use this babies life for good and that Catrina will see you, see hope, see peace and see the way. Father, I thank you for continually blessing me and my family. I thank you for each and every breath you allow me to draw. I thank you for each and every second that I can see and talk to my children. I thank you for every moment I have the privelidge of spending in the company of my husband. I thank you for my family. I thank you for the things that have happened in my life to bring me to the place that I am now. Closer to You. I thank you for the events that have helped to form me. I thank you for (urgh!!) even the roaches! Father, all the things in my heart that you have already heard before my fingers could press the keys, I ask you and I thank you for them in your precious sons' name. Amen.

AMEN!!!! I am with you in that beautiful, powerful prayer....

I feel very sorry for what has happened, but like you I trust GOD to heal, support, LOVE, and lift them even from something as hard as that....

I am prayin for ALL affected.

Have missed you,

take care,

I ask GOD to be with you ALL in every single breath...
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