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Wednesday, November 23, 2005


It is the time of year to celebrate and share with our families and this year will be no different for some but totally different for others. Some will be celebrating their first Holiday without a loved one. Some will be going through it alone, hungry, depressed and so on. For those of us that have family gatherings, we MUST remember to pray for the ones that are in these other situations. I still find it hard to make it through the holidays without Ian, but as difficult as it is, I do get through it and this is one of the ways I manage to make it through. Might be something you'd like to try.
1. Make a list (begin about 1 month before Thanksgiving) of things you are thankful for.
2. Highlight the ones (about a week before) that are the most special to you.
3. See how many of the highlighted ones are towards the top of your list (where you started)
4. If any more come to mind (the day before) add them.
5. Read aloud (if you are alone) or share with your family.
6. Make a list of the loved ones you are missing this holiday.
( I have done mine below)

Now... pray for the things you left off the list, like bad weather, the traffic that kept you from an appointment, the bad hair day(s), the illness that you are recovering from. ROACHES.....ETC.

God has reasons for the good and the bad.

It is not for us to question Him, just be thankful for everything you have, do, share, and everything in between.

1. Paul, Kaylee, Kendra, Ian
2. My family
3. My friends
4. My pets
5. My home
6. My ability to breath
7. My back
8. My son's life
9. My faith
10. My life eternal
11. roaches
12. fleas
13. the lady that almost ran me off the road

Ian, Papaw, Granny, Granny, Mamaw, Nanna, Granddaddy,

Im going to have to copy your idea for next year.

Hope you had a great thanksgiving, with all of your LOVED ones and that you ate a lot of turkey!!!

I miss Kendra writing on her blog...

Take care, GOD BLESS always!!!

been missing you.. :(
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