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Sunday, September 11, 2005

A day of prayer and mourning...

Statue of Liberty over 9-11 smoke
Originally uploaded by praynlady.
Today, as we remember the families and the deceased of the events of the 9-11 tragedy, may we also remember that we are a country that is founded on the strength of our patriotism, our faith and our love for one another. This country was founded on Christian principles and the faith that God was the ultimate ruler of our great nation. We have lost alot in the translation over time but as you look at this photo, what do you see? I see the following:
1. Lady Liberty is standing tall!
2. She is standing straight!
3. She is still raising her hand toward Heaven.
4. She is a visual aid to the fact that , "United We Stand" , and only if we assume a defeatest attitude will we really fall.
5. She is HOPE!
6. She is not wavering in fear!
7. She is still there!

I know that today is a day of mourning for some still, and a day of memories of past times with loved ones that are no longer here. Today, I too, am grieving. I was not even affected as some where, but I watched in horror as the events unfolded. One right after another. It was a day I will never forget. I pray that no one will ever forget this day but that it will someday be less painful for those who lived it. I pray that each year that passes will bring peace and grace to each of those touched by this disaster. I also pray that we as the people of America, will not let this day become simply a reminder of those events, but that we as a people, will remember this day as the first of many days that America pulled together as a nation and overcame the events to stand up a more united nation, a more powerful nation, a more Christlike nation. Some will disagree and some will agree. That's ok. Some will continue to ask how can this be a more Christlike nation if God is such a merciful God, a God of love, etc. and can let things like this happen?! There are answers to these questions but I am hoping that they really already know them, but are not willing to accept that these things just happen. God did not cause these things to happen but because satan has so much control over what happens here on earth, God allows these things to happen. I believe that God is waiting. He is waiting (very patiently, I might add) for those who are still trying to decide if they will give themselves to Him. Some things will get their attention. Were the events of 9-11, those type of things? I hope so! I would like to believe that the events of this date, will never be ignored. I would like to think that God saw more people "saved" this day than many others because I believe that more people HAD to turn to Him. Turn to Him for comfort, love, understanding, support, and peace. We can question "why" all we want but the answers lay far away from our earthly minds. Some day, all of my questions will be answered or pushed away because I think that once I get to heaven, most of my questions will not mean anything anymore.
I grieve for the families whose fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, children, did not come home, and emergency workers who lost their lives trying to help the ones who could not get out.
I grieve for the people who watched these scenes unfold and wondered what our nation was coming too. Those that do not have faith in God.
I grieve for those who lost their faith because of this.
I grieve for those who watched, set back and did nothing.
I grieve for those who laid blame on everyone but themselves.
I grieve for those who will be attending the memorial services today.
I grieve for those who live close to the area that will have to watch as people t whom were affected, go in and out of the area.
I grieve.
I grieve for those who have suffered from Katrina.
I pray that we will never forget the ones who gave life and who lost life during these two tragedies and that we will continu to remain tall, straight, and remain faithful to our Lord, our country, our President, and our nations people. No matter the color, race or creed. Grieve, pray, love, and bless.
May each of you do the same!
May God bless you and keep you and ease the pains that this days memories bring.


What a beautiful prayer...
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