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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Just 2 weeks ago, Katrina, hit hard, the coasts of Louisiana, Mississippi, and parts of Alabama. The widespread devastation has left homes destroyed, business's shut down, families are broken and has taken many lives. Now it's time for the clean up to begin in earnest. This picture struck me as symbolic for several reasons and I thought I'd share them. Keep in mind that these are just my thoughts and ramblings and have no true intellectual background of knowledge for what I am writing. (basically a disclaimer that some things may not be perfectly thought out before I write) I write on the "fly" so I write what I am thinking in the moment. Anyway, one of the first things that struck me, which is where the title came from was that the pole looks like a cross. It has been toppled and has fallen to the side but is still intact. It makes me think that the clean up is not just going to be the laborous task of removing all of the debree, and the demolition of homes and business's that were ruined. This will be, I think, the greatest effort on Americas' part, to return a city of fun, lights, and other activities that may be we say...risque, to the former brilliance it once appeared. My thoughts were these; The city needed cleaning up before the storm; people and hearts. Now, I realize that some may take this the wrong way, and that is not my intention, but it will happen I'm sure. My thought is that there were some very unsavory characters(drug dealers, pimps, and those who would make money off of selling things to our children, like lines of bull, dope and alcohol, as well as promises of a better life) dwelling in and around those that work hard and take pride in the cities where they live. It is this way in every city or town. It probably will always be this way. Anyway, I am praying extra for this group of people. This is a good time for them to see that even with nothing, God can still get your attention. I think maybe they are learning a lesson here that even those who we think have everything, can have nothing, and anyone can have even less if they do not have faith in Christ. Next, I think that even though God did not cause this oppressive event to happen, He can and He will, use it to bring His children closer to Him. I would like to believe that in the context of His love and mercy, He is crying with us, as well as for us. For all who were affected in any way, He is prepared to carry those who've grown over burdened and hold hands with those who are troubled. I KNOW that He will be right there to pick up the wounded, the broken and the ones sorrowed from loss. I KNOW that there were many who were not willing to turn to Him until this happened and there will be those who will turn to Him now, and there will be those who choose to blame Him and turn away from Him also. I KNOW that God would like nothing more that to have His children look to Him for their provisions and for His protection. I had to go back and re-read this several times to see what was missing. I think I was trying to make two points that were 1. The cities hit by Katrina will need days, weeks and months even to recover and do clean up. It could be years before everything is restored to the way it was before the storm. 2. Maybe God in His infinite wisdom, allowed this to happen to give people the time to think about how their lives were going. To give them another chance to seek Him. I think cleanup in the cities is right there with a cleanup of hearts. That was what I was really trying to say in my long winded ramble. So, back to the photo. I really looked at this picture while searching for the one that touched me and I kept going back to it so......

It looks like a cross lines holding it still
It looks like a cross Just a matter of will?
It looks like a cross lying on the ground
It looks like a cross Full circle come round.
It looks like a cross tattered and torn
It looks like a cross Covered in thorn.
It looks like a cross dragged through the street
It looks like a cross That held nails in His feet.
It looks like a cross that will again someday stand
It looks like a cross born by all working hand.
It looks like the cross on which my Savior bled
It looks like a cross surrounded by tears shed.
It looks like the cross that once stood on a hill
It looks like a cross Where He paid the ultimate bill.
It looks like a cross waiting for a heart
It looks like a cross That did it's part.
It looks like a cross in the mud it does lay
It looks like a cross Pray for those whom are still lost today.
When you look at the cross What do you see?
When you look to the cross Look on bended knee.
When you look at the cross Look inside your self
When you look at the cross Take God off the shelf.
When you look at the cross Your days will be brighter
When you look at the cross Hold Him close, even tighter.
Take a look at this cross It is battered and beat
Soon, just like the cities, It will be back on it's feet.
This post paid the price of a devilish storm
Though it looks like a cross It is just a wood form.
This cross is a pole that lost it's battle to wind
This cross may have fallen But it did not bend.
The Lord God Jehovah is waiting for you
To call out to Him Such a simple thing to do.
He is waiting to hear if you've chosen His gift
Do not let this storm Between you, build a rift.
The storm has now passed and left in it's wake
damage and death many lives it did take.
Let us not become selfish let us not cast blame
For there are those that now need us And cities to reclaim.
When we look at a cross may we be blessed with the thought
that the cross is what paid for The sins that we've wrought.
May this simple phone pole that lies here in the street
remind you of a cross and a gift that cannot be beat.
May you smile when you see it May you cry just a bit
May you want to help out The places that were hit.
May your blessings be many May your fears be few
May you lean toward Jesus and your heart be renewed.
May you hold dear Gods children May you put yourself in their shoes
May you hug those who need it May you find no excuse.
May God bless you richly May His hand touch your heart
May He send you to places Where you can do your part.

Ramblings by Colleen
Copywrite 9-14-05


Interesting picture, and very interesting thoughts, I have to say i agree with you, on some of your thoughts. I had never even thought of it that way, but maybe it IS a double clenasing-CITY AND HEARTS!!!!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with usss

HAve a goooood one, GOD BLESS YOU!!!

And we know (understand, recognize, are conscious of, by observation and by experience) and believe (adhere to and put faith in and rely on) the love God cherishes for us. God is love, and he who dwells and continues in love dwells and continues in God, and God dwells and continues in him
1 John 4:16 (Amplified Blible)
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