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Friday, September 02, 2005



I had planned a really neat post here. I am still working on it but since things are in such a tumultuous state, I decided to wait and finish it later. I would however like to do a poll of sorts. If you read this post, please leave me a comment with your answer to the following 2 questions. (given to me by a very smart woman in the ministry field, Thanks E.)

1. If there are soooo many children orphaned, without parents, homes, families etc... , why would anyone want to create more through cloning?

2. Do you feel that cloning a human being is right or wrong.

Feel free to elaborate.
God Bless.

I think cloning is definitely wrong, especially when it is a human being they are trying to clone. I strongly beleive that NOBODY has the right to play GOD.

GOD is the one and only real and PERFECT CREATOR--the creator of everythin, including life itself.
I know that NO matter how hard they try, something will end up wrong soon or later ( like what happend with Dolly--they cloned her and thought everything was great, and then she died---they didnt know it but they had cloned her the same age as her "mom" so she was born "OLD". )

Situations where man tries to take the role of God, truly, truly sadden me.........
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