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Thursday, April 14, 2005


For those of you who know me, you have to know how excited i am with the upcoming arrival of our new grandchild. No, for those of you asking, I have no idea of what it will be except that "it" is a gift from God. Paul and I are looking forward to being "real" grandparents and are hoping Kaylee does well with the new baby getting all the attention. She tends to attract alot of it. We'll see how that goes. Kendra is doing well and we are in the last stretch of pregnancy. She has less than two weeks to explode, pop, I mean deliver the baby. John is pretty excited as well. Please keep them and the new baby in your prayers as they will soon be learning of the all night feedings, the endless diapers, the..."their is never enough money in the bank", and best of all, "MOM, please can you babysit"! Now I am really waiting for that one!

Just a short note as to why I wrote "babies" in the title. I am soon to be the new mommy of a little male Papillon puppy. He will be arriving next friday. I can't wait.

Ok first let me say that my puppy will not be arriving until next week due to stress!

NOW: We will be having the grandbaby on Thursday, the 21st of April, 2005 at BMH!

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