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Monday, April 18, 2005


Having a baby is such an awesome experience and I believe that we should pray for those unable to conceive. Having been in that position myself, I can honestly say that it is difficult to watch someone else going through it when you want it so badly but you set those feelings aside to see the wonderful experiences of your children having their own babies. I feel so deeply about women that cannot bear their own children and I know the suffering and feeling of desperateness that comes with each new month. My prayer for today is for women who feel so left out and incomplete due to the inablilty to have children and that God will gift them with a child whether it's through adoption, natural birth or surrogacy.
God, thank you for my children. Thank you for this baby that is coming tomorrow. Thank you for my friends and families and their children.
God, thank you for my husband. When the time is right, I know you will send us another gift of your creating.
God, be with and bless my daughter and son in law tomorrow as they go through the delivery of this baby and as they begin their new lives as parents. Bless them all.
In Jesus name, AMEN

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