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Sunday, May 22, 2005


This was the first one I wrote and lost. A very dear friend saved it for me. Praise God.

A New Song

A very special person came by today to help me around the house and with Kaylee and even brought a casserole for dinner. If that wasn't enough, she shared a cd with me and I wanted to tell you about it. It is the current Natalie Grant cd entitled, "Awaken". There is a song on there that she said was her favorite and I can see why. It is called, "Held". This is a beautiful song about how God wants to hold us when we are hurting as well as when we are happy. I think that after listening to this song, I felt as if God delivered her to my house today to share a special message. "Colleen, I am holding you and you know it, you need to let go and let me carry your burdens for a change. I want you to know that you are being "HELD" all of the time and I can't do that if you won't let go. Give me your pains, your sorrows and your grief and let me carry you for awhile. You have carried them alone way too long, it would be my pleasure and joy to just hold you for a time until you heal"
I am trying Lord to let go but I have been so independant for so long, that even though I consider myself to have a wonderful relationship with you, there are things that I feel are so mundane that you shouldn't have to worry about me when there are so many others who desperately need you worse than me. I know this is wrong but I can't seem get over the feeling of pettiness at how small my problems are in the big picture.
This song even refers to the loss of a child and how it will feel to be held during the mourning time. I can't say enough about how great this cd made me feel. Check it out.
Thanks Rose! I love you!

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