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Friday, May 27, 2005

Why Do We Chase Butterflies?

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Several years back, when my son passed away, one of my best friends told me a story that has become very dear to me. Ian had gone over to her house to take her a canned good. He never showed up so she called me and we both went outside to see where he was. He was running around the neighborhood chasing a big beautiful butterfly. She enlightened me with the following story;
Men are always chasing butterflies; as an example; You send them to the grocery store to pick up an item and they purchase several things but forget the one thing you sent them for, or women go into a clothing store to purchase an item needed for an event and comes out with a new wardrobe. We are chasing butterflies. We will probably never catch them but they will always be around. Be still and they might give you a kiss. I love butterflies and they make me think of Ian each time I see one. This is a good thing!

Comments: I'll think of Ian everytime I see a butterfly right along whenever I see John Deere Tractors.
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