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Monday, June 27, 2005

Another Blogger

This morning I was playing with my blog, and almost screwed it up royally. By the way, do not try adding a photo into the banner in the template unless you know exactly where to place it! I had a lot o esplaining to do! haha
Anyway, I checked out a blog site of one of my commentors and I really enjoyed his site. I also loved the fact that he linked to a purpose driven dog. haha yep read through his blog if you have time, say a prayer for his church, and look for the comment about a dog! Hysterical and fun read.
Sorry, I forgot to put in the link and you will find the story in the 15th post titled "A Different Type of Church Planting"

Where is the site and where is the dog?
sorry anon, I forgot to add the link. I've corrected it so enjoy! Thanks for letting me know of my error.
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