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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Some take longer than others!

Well, I guess that's true. Some do take longer than others. Learning that is. After almost 18 years of marriage I was hoping it would help out around here but it hasn't.
Ever wonder why women feel so frustrated with men? Well, it could have something to do with how we are treated. It could have something to do with the lack of way we are treated. It could be a combination of the two with a few additives of other junk. I am not sure but I do know that it causes some unrest in my household.
I sometimes think that the male species gets it, they just don't want to let on. It might mean a little more work. For example: I might say, "honey, my plants in the front need watering, would you bring the hose around for me, and you know, all of my bird houses are falling down, you could pick them up and reset them for me." Ok, pretty simple... I water, you replace the bird houses! UMMM. This really translates into, "honey, bring the hose around for me and just stand there and watch me water the plants while my bird houses get soaked because they are all laying on the ground." Thanks a million.
Now, I know that not ALL men are this way. It is not necessarily a genetic thing, just something learned over the years of marriage. I suppose they think that if they appear not to understand our little subtle hints, they will never have to admit it when they do GET IT!
Another example; " I am really hurting today, I can't get comfortable." I would translate this into, "honey, could you park close to the door so I don't have to walk so far." He will translate this to, "I think I'll park in the south fourty so that no one will ding the side of my truck!"
Does any of this sound familiar? Or am I alone in this one? Could this be a lack of respect? I was recently informed that the male feels satisfied when he feels respected. Let me assure you it does go both ways. Please feel free to send me any of your examples of "honey do" translations so that I can figure out if I am being side wiped or just misunderstood. Have a great day.
My prayer: Father God, thank you for all the things you have allowed me to have, to share and to be. Thank you for all that you have given me. Thank you for my family. Especially my husband, whom I love dearly and would not trade for the world. Lord just give me the patience to put up with the things he "doesn't" do that irritate me. Lord, give me the strength to continue healing with little help from the other half. I know he has grown tired of all that he is now responsible for but maybe alittle reminder that one day I will be driving him around when his sight gets bad or his hearing is not the best and I will try to have more patience with him then andgive him the respect he deserves.

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