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Thursday, July 07, 2005


My thoughts on being a friend.
These are only my thoughts and some opinions.
They do not reflect the thoughts and or beliefs of anyone else in this household!
I am not a very good one.
I am loved and I love but I am not a very good friend.
I believe I could be called a "user" friend. I am not happy with this but I believe it is true.
I am a great listener.
I am a great nurturer.
I am a supporter of the underdog.
I will take in even a stranger.
I am a great friend to have but not a great friend to be.
I have had alot of time to dwell on this and I have come up with the following reason:
(this is not an attempt to get a response of any kind from my friends)
I use my friends. I do not repay the great things wonderful people do for me. ( I try, but am not always successful)
I am needy. Not a complaint on my part, but a fact. Especially now!
I am a terrific person with a great personality and some people just can't handle that! haha
I can't leave my house to do for others and yet I expect them to be here for me when I need them. I know that right now I need help and I will not ask for it anymore because it is too hard to admit that I need someone else. I need to learn to let go and let God. I'm working on it. I do believe that all of my friends should know this.....I will be there eventually and I will rejoin the human race outside of my home and I will pay back any debt of gratitude I might owe.
Just wanted to share that. I feel better.
I think!

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