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Saturday, July 09, 2005


Well, the end is near! The end of what was left of my sanity. As I deal with the normal difficulties in life (my life of course) somethings just have to happen to make it even harder. Now to some this post may be a little scary so if you're skittish or faint of heart, you may want to turn your head slightly or cover one eye while reading. Some content may not be suitible for children under 90.
My beautiful daughter with the beautiful long brown hair with curls and rings ............ has LICE. Check out the link, I'm not endorsing it but it sounded interesting.
Ok, so it's not the end of the world but it is a devastating thing. I am not so concerned about the fact of having them, it's the getting rid of them that bothers me. If you've never had the "bug" before, you have no idea what I'm talking about; if you have then you definitely know. You have to strip beds, bag up pillows , stuffed animals, dolls, you have to spray carpet, spray beds, spray furniture, and wash what you can in very hot water and dry in a very hot dryer and as if that's not enough, they (the manufacturers of certain over the counter products) recommend that you bag these items up and place them in the garage or somewhere for 2 weeks. Who can really do this I ask? I have no patience but when it comes to these "bugs" I will (TRY TO) do whatever it takes.
Kaylee has the most beautiful hair and it is really long. Another problem that I faced was the fact that she HATES to have her hair washed. Yes, before you say anything, we have tried everything from rewards to bribery, just a few,among the many ways we have tried to make hair washing time fun. Not working! So, I had to enlist the help of my Mother in Law and it took us about 2 hours to soak, rinse, pick, (lice) soak, rinse, pick (nits) and so on..... Kaylee was miserable, I was miserable and Mary was tired too.
It has been over 8 years since I had this problem. When Ian was just a few years old and was picking them up at Mothers Day Outove and over. Consistantly. Couldn't get rid of the the lil buggers before they were "caught" again. So, I did the only thing a very intelligent, exhausted mother of a 3 year old boy with tons of energy (much more than I) could do.........................I SHAVED his head. Best crew cut you've ever seen for a first time mommy cut! No kidding. By the way, it was before he was able to cut his own. Anyway, I realize that I would be a goner if I tried this on Kaylee (cutting her hair). I have already received threats along this line. I may be crazy, but I'm not nutz.
I did do one thing that helps out just a little. With what little strength I had left after all of this yesterday, I went immediately to the salon and had all, (well almost) all of my hair cut off. I'm not kidding. I think Mr. Clean is the only one with shorter hair, well, maybe Paul or Phillip, than me.
Kaylee hasn't any clue what is up, (yes, we sorta lied. But honestly! haha) we told her it would be a little painful to remove all of the "DIRT" from her hair and she would have to just be still and patient. Yeah right!!! A 2 year old?! Uh Huh! Well, she did great and it was funny to me that after all my concern about her and hurting her head and pulling her hair and such, she did better than me. I haven't found any in my hair but I treated it anyway because as soon as I realized she had them........
All is well but I am tired and she is none the worse off for the experience. I am truly (NOT) looking forward to day 7 when we get to do it all over again.
SOOOOOOO......Any tips, ideas, critisisms, votes of confidence, applause? Just leave a comment and I'll check back to see what's up.
Good luck and don't get the "bugs"!!

Kaylee, please forgive me for being so "bugged", I mean blunt. Mommy really does love you.

UGH-I hate them things! I dealt with it with my three daughters for years. As soon as I'd get rid of them, they'd get them again. Usually from school. It was imbarassing to them when they got older and got sent home from school. Its something about down in that area that them ity bity bugs love. I have done everything humanly possible when it came to them critters. The best thing that I have found that works besides the whole shaving the head thing is mayo! Yep-mayonaise is awoesome! And its a good conditioner. The downfall is leaving it in the hair all night long. Savannah had long hair also, and I did cut it-but just below the shoulders was my limit, so she still had alot of hair to treat. I bought a jar of mayo-which happens to be alot cheaper than the over the counter medicines-caked it all over her head til all you could see it white, and then tied a walmart plastic bag over her head. The mayo loosens the gluey crap on the eggs and the plastic bag suffocates the live bugs. After you rinse out the mayo the next morning all you'll have to do it use a lice comb to get the eggs out. They come out super easy. Unfortuneatly, "bugs" are a no win situation down there. Its a never ending battle. It took us moving to Tennessee to completely be rid of them. Good Luck! Love ya.....
Man is it good to hear form you again. I sure have missed you. I did the mayo thing on my hair cuz theirs not much of it left! haha picking was easy but I planned on doing it on Kaylees next week and avoid the otc stuff. Glad you're back!
Wow! Give me poop anytime. My mom watched a few kids when I was growing up but my brothers and I never got them... good luck.
I'd rather poop too! haha thanks for the support!
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