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Saturday, July 30, 2005


If God Brings You To It, He'll Bring You Through It!!
If you have a special prayer request, please post it and I will add it too my list.
Kendra & John and Cooper Kordell Alexzander, Gwen & Kevin and kids, Bethina and Alex, Tom health issues, Brett going on mission trip and to Ireland, Pray for soldiers in battle, fighting for our freedom,Pray for those that were taken from us war, My friends, My hometeam, James and Darcelle, Jovita and baby, Candy and boys, Julie, God bless you Grace,
The Mazac Family, Billie Beckworth, Chandal and girls, Charlies health, The Southern Flare Band (Charlies band), Mike Pullen and Krashawn Burton. Personal, Sandy Gaskill-health issues , Please pray for Tommy and Jessie James as they deal with the loss of their wife and mother, Pam. Olyn Stephenson passed away Sunday the 26th, Please continue to pray for my Aunt Dorothy. Please pray for my sanity. Please pray for all of those in the path of "DENNIS". Pray for my sister and her children as they leave to get out of "HIS" way.

Sandy Gaskill-health issues and Mike Pullen-health issues

thank you for adding my name to the list.
Can you please take off mike pullen and krashawn burton-personal? You can keep them on there, just put them seperately since that is how they are now. I suppose it wasnt Gods plan for them to be together right now. Thanks....
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