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Saturday, July 02, 2005


Do you wonder how many times you've heard, "scoot back, you're too close to the television"? I have been impatiently waiting to tell that to Kaylee. She is more interested in busying herself around the house than watching tv. I'm happy with that, but it does make it hard to get anything done. Even the little things that I can do. haha She has found.......VEGGIE TALES!!!!!!!!!!! Halelujah, I can breathe alittle easier and she loves the tapes (vhs...haha) I have had to tell her several times to move back and she pulls her rocker away about 2 inches and sits back down and gets back to the serious business of watching. I do wonder how much is too much. How long should a child watch tv? I am not too worried seeing as she's only 2.5, but I don't want her to think that it is all there is to do. She takes many breaks and she comes and talks to me alot. I think that in my place, with me not able to take her outside too much and with the heat, I won't worry to much. I will be grateful that the Veggie Tales have interested yet another one of my kids. Not to mention, that I was really getting tired of Dora and at one point, in order to hurry me along to change the video tape, Kaylee actually told me to, "Vamonos"! Alittle tooooooo much Dora. hahaha

Hello, i dont know u and i found ure blog yesterday. i found it very interesting, because there r few christian peolpe blogging. I wanted to tell u that u should be very aware of what u feel because sadness and loneliness DO NO T come from GOD. always remember God LOVES u more than u can imagine and his HOLY SPIRIT is living inside od U, even when u dont feel it, even when uve done sdomething that u shouldnt have. So never fell lonely. Rmember the plansa that God has for u Jerem 19:11. I dont even know u and it saddens me that u sometimes feel lonely and sad, imagine how God is saddened every time u feel like this. Whenever u feel down y=u should read the Bible or praaise him and ull c how it will go away. Keep ure faith strong and keep going, dont let anything,not even hard circumstances limit the power of GOD through U!!!!!
Iranai, thank you so much for your thoughts. I appreciate that you enjoy my blog. Leave me messages anytime. I'd love to chat anytime. I always know that God is there for me. I believe that the feelings of sadness and loneliness we feel, are allowed by God so that we will draw closer to Him. Again, thank you for writing me, please come back anytime. God Bless you and your family.
I agree, "Jesus Wept." (out of sadness) John 11:35; there is nothing we go through He does not understand. It gives me great relief in the tough times.
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