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Friday, July 08, 2005

Meet My Husband

My husbands name is Paul. He is a wonderful man and a great father and he loves his family. He is always ready to help someone in need, (especially when I volunteer him). He has so many different interests that it's hard to put them all in one blog but I'll try. Let's see, I would have to say his first one is his truck. He enjoys doing things to "soup" it up. It's a 95 Dodge Quad Cab 1/2 ton Sport with a cummins turbo. Secondly, he really likes to work on engines, old cars and thought he hasn't had the time or money, he has recently purchased a 67 Ford Fairlane to renovate. He is soon to help a friend coach a senior league in Football. I am excited about this one. Paul is currently reading up on things like biodiesel, creation and other interests. I believe that he has a photographic memory and anything he reads, he remembers. He loves reading magazines like 4X4, Four Wheelin', and so on. He loves to hunt. We do alot of this together as a family. Kaylee loves the deer lease and we love taking her there. Paul is hyped around turkey season and then for deer season, I try hard to beat him at the points game. He absolutely adores our youngest daughter and spends any extra time he can with her mostly cuz she follows him around like a puppy dog most of the time. Well, that just about does it. Paul is a wonderful man, husband and father. He works hard to provide for us and he deserves a "shout out".

Disclaimer: This is not a post looking for comments on who's husband is better, cuz mines the best, however, feel free to BRAG about your husband here as much as you'd like.

Heehee-this one was cute! Youre a lucky woman Ms Colleen Cooper! Hang on to that one, men like Paul and Charlie are far and few between. And tell me how you were able to attach pictures on your blog. I sat for hours trying to figure it out. I think it brings alot of personality to your page. I love the Heading with yours and Pauls picture and they the kids change, thats cool. Love ya.....
ok, there are two ways to do it now. Go to flickr link on my page and you can download pics to it and blog from there or you can use the little green mountain looking picture on the blog "create" page. When you use the one attached to blog, you cannot resize it. with flickr you can.
You're right. I do have one of the best and glad to hear Charlie is too.
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