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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

What Makes a Blog Interesting?

What is it that people really look for in a blog? Escape, information, reading material? I am not sure but, I know that writing one is like therapy. I can't imagine not having one now, it's like a release of all the pent up anxiety and frustration as well as the joy of sharing something that you want others to decide if it is a worthy read or not. I hope that through my blog, people can read into the "soul" of the writer and see what kind of person I am. It makes me wonder what they think after reading it. If there is actually anyone reading it. I check each day for comments like I'm waiting for a long lost friend to call or something. It is almost as if I expect that people who don't call, will at least check it out to see what I've been up to. I think blogging is a great tool and can be used for so many things and I choose to use it to express myself where others can enjoy or hate what I choose to write. I also know that God hears my prayers each time I write one because I think it first. I know that if no one else ever reads this, that God knows exactly what I am saying and He may be the only "comment" I receive but at least He talks to me. He has been my constant companion during my "time served" here at home (recovering from surgery) and when there was no one else, He has been here. I choose to blog to allow my faith and love for God, family, and others, be shared with anyone who happens across it. God Bless you bloggers.

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