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Monday, August 08, 2005


Roscoe has just updated his site and it's really quite funny! Go check it out!

heyyyy.this potuguese thing, alot harder than i thought :) u can email whenever 2 ( /
I lke check 2, c if u stop bye, and is as u say GOD pust a lot of love in us, i hardly know u but care 4 u and ure fam....i hope ure daughter is feelin ok :( its rough i got mine out and it was horrible. She shouldnt lay down a lot, she should sit with her head above her bosy level, mines hurt so much when i got them done i stayed laying down for @ week and all the blood got stuck there it was horribleeee.......but i will b prayn for her i know shell do a lot better
take care colleen , good night

ps. i plan on goin to texas next yr ( my freind and cousin live there) and i wanna go c Joel Osteen..I really would like 2 meet u in person!!!!

I just added u 2 my msn mess.
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