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Monday, August 08, 2005


I am in desperate need of a job! I am still going to have to be at home for quite awhile yet but I'd really be happy if any of you need anything done as far as typing, stationary, letterhead, business cards, basically anything that takes a computer, a printer, paper, photos, graphic design.......PERFECT!!!!

I am at the computer at least 1/3 of the day each day, designing my book graphics, working on my blogs, reading others and just searching things on the net. I love the design aspect of computer work and would love to learn how to design websites. I am learning alot from friends and family as far as code goes but am learning more each day. (Thank you friends and family)

If you have any suggestions, needs, (computer ones) please let me know.

I am also doing Christmas card envelopes for people. I will address and stamp them for you and return them directly to you for a certain charge per number of envelopes. It may sound a little strange, but think of the time you'd save (that I already have) just by letting me handle the addressing and stamping of your cards. You'd have them back and ready to mail in just a few days or less. If this interests you, please leave me a comment or email me from my profile and I will give you more details.

I am also available to do photo t-shirts, one of my favorites. Parties, reuniuns, openings, sports, cheerleading and many more. Great gifts for the family for birthdays and for Christmas or grandparents days and such.

Please let me know if there is anyway I can be of service.

God bless,

How good does your printer print pictures? Me and Charlie got are picture professionally taken Sunday and I'll need some more made, like 5x7's and wallets. Would they turn out okay if I scanned it here and emailed you the picture? Let me know, I was wanting to send it to our mothers for Christmas.
My printer is great and I do all my pics on it. Just scan at reg. quality about 50-100% and it should do fine. I will print one and then let you know how it did with the scan. If it's great, I'll see how many you want and go from there. Sound ok?
Sounds like a plan-we pick the pics up on the 18th. Charlie had mentioned that me might buy me a printer for my birthday, but who knows. If he doesnt, I'll for sure have you do them.
Kool, just let me know. I'll be here! haha
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