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Friday, August 19, 2005

The K-Lo Booty

We spent this past Sunday afternoon at the lake. I think it was Lake Hollbrook. I'm not sure of the spelling, but it is just outside Mineola. (close to Lyndale, which is close to Tyler). Joe and Mary bought a new boat and took us all out for the day. It was a special time and all the family had a great day with each other. All of the kids, Paul, Tracy, and Sheryl and all respective children were there. We really missed Kendra and John and Kordell, but we did'nt know what was planned until after we arrived. When we arrived at the lake, the guys couldn't get the boat started and actually had to read the instructions (photo included)!!! While they were playing mechanics, Oma took all the kids and let them play in the water. Someone, no names, left Kaylee's pull-up on and it filled quickly. We laughed until we hurt. Even looking at the photo makes me giggle. Enjoy.
Kendra (John & Lil Coop) we really did wish you were there.

oh my ..........such a young child and all that boooty!!!!!!
And she didn't get it from me! haha
Baby got Back! That's what swim diapers are for.
Sadly enough, we let her GO in the lakes without one! Yuck!
its to late, and am still walk arround blog,,,,my point is.. that small girl on purlpe ..look exactly like my youngest doughter.. so sweet n smart..

enjoy it with your kids, before you know it.. they will become an adult?

groetjes... anggun
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