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Friday, August 05, 2005


I would like to say hello. In every language I can get. Please send a link to this post to all your friends that speak different languages and let's see just how many ways we can come up with to say ....

Hello, good day!


Write it down properly and then in parenthesis, write the pronunciation so that we can figure out how to say it! also be sure to include the language itself so we will know what you are speaking.

Alo, bom dia (a-low bon gia) Portuguese
Ola, buenos dias ( o-la bwenos deeas) Spanish
Hallo, guten tag ( ha-low, gooten tac) German?
Hei, god dag Norwegian
Halo, selamat siang (ha-low, se-la-mutt see-young)--> Bahasa (Indonesian)
Bonjour, ? French?
Ciao, il giorno buono! (chee-ow, ill ge-or-no boo-o-no) (italian)
Czesc (chesht) is hello in Polish

Halo, selamat siang (ha-low, se-la-mutt see-young)--> Bahasa (Indonesian)
Thank you Andhyka, I'll add that one now. It sounds nice. I may have to learn Bahasa. Good to see you again.
Ciao, il giorno buono! (italian)

Hallo, guten Tag! (german)

Hei, god dag! (norwegian)

Het hallo, goede dag! (dutch)
Iranai, are you cheating again? haha My sister lived in Italy for 6 years and I couldnt get in touch with her for the italian version. Thanks. The norweigian one is really quite funny!
yes i had to cheat....and i forgot to answer u the other day........I am a 27 yr old single female. I live w/ my parents, my 21 yr old brother, our Rotweiler Zulu, our quaker "pollito" -we still dont have a name so thats what we call him, and our 2 cats Furby(male) and Juancha(female). I trust God that he has a single christina male somewhere growing in him, and i cant wait to meet him mayor and have kids-which is one of my greatest passions.......i made a pact w/ God in april and i pray for him sometimes even thoug i havent met him (faith is wonderful and powerful) - so if u wanna add that 2 ure prayerlist sometimes ure more than welcomed.......and about ure question Puerto Rico time is eastern time so right now were i hour behind its 5:20 in Houston and 6:20 in Puerto Rico...and about Puerto Rico I made a blog just for u, come visit!!!!
Hey girl-I'm 85% polish and I'm finding out the polish way to say hello! My grandparents from both sides speak polish, the ones on my
fathers side came off the boat, so as soon as I get the spelling, I'll post it. I used to know it, but forgot. All I know now is Grandma=Busia (boosha)Grandpa=DziaDzia (ja-ja) and Aunt=Coci (cha chi) HEEHEE! and know some other words too, but cant have a conversation! HAHAHA!
Czesc (chesht) is hello in Polish

I remember it now and feel stupid that I had to ask my mother. hahaha! She said when I was little I used to answer the phone saying it all the time. Its amazing the things you can forget from your childhood. This was fun though, brought back alot of great memories of trying to learn how to speak polish so I would know what my grandparents were saying.
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