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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Paul & Colleen @ Fogo De Chau

Paul & Colleen @ Fogo De Chau
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Tonight, Paul & I went to Fogo De Chau in Houston for our anniversary dinner. It was an incredible experience. We ate sooooo much food and the atmosphere was awesome. It did get alittle loud but I think it was because so many people were eating. The food was out of this world and we ate things Paul had never tried and even some that I had not eaten before. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone with the note that it is expensive. Plan on spending about $50-$60 dollars per person. For a once a year place or for special occasions, it is the place to go. I would highly recommend it.

The restaurant had our desserts delivered to our table on plates that read "Happy" and "Anniversary"! Too cool!
P.S. Edie you and Jamie were sooooo right! Paul loved it!

I could never fit enough food in my belly to justify $50-60! I'm sure it's good but I don't plan on going.

Glad ya'll had a good time, though.

Well, you'd be surprised! Especially when you know your gonna pay that much. I had to undo my pants on the way home! haha

ps thanks for actually leaving a comment on my thingy.
GREAT pic of the "lovebirds".....looks like a nice restaurant, I would spensd $$$ that for all taht food from time to time.........
take care
Heyy, thankd for all of ure comments in my blog. Remember the whole point of being a christian = little Christ i s to become every day moe like Him, our teacher, les like us. Jesus said that we were to b his disciles and the only way we can learn is thru the PRACTICE of hiw WORD. Loving not just our freinds, but our enemies, forgice as he forgives us, give to the needy whenever we ca, LOVE others like ourselves, bo OBEDIENT to every thhin his WORD says, and ALWAYS do the FATHERS will, like Jesus all we gotta do is keep imitating him and if we let him HE will lead us and teach us, and when were good, reponsible students we learn..... :)

Thanks for ure comments and for eing part of the support syndrom of WPS -- lol lol lol

Looks like it was really special! Glad you got to celebrate properly.

I've just been looking at your photos on Flickr (I hope that's okay)and I have to say your daughter is adorable! She looks very secure and happy too. She's obviously well-loved :-)
Just a quick comment to say thanks for visiting!

Looks like you had a pretty good night out!
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