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Friday, August 19, 2005


I've no idea what kind of snake this is but my husband didn't care. He chopped at it and then came to get Kaylee and I so we could see it. Paul absolutely hates snakes. I think they are kinda cool. After making sure that it was (almost) dead, I picked it up to see just how long it was. Paul's hand is a little over 8 inches and it was at more than twice as long as his hand so I'm gonna guess about 22-24 inches long. If you have any idea what kind of snake this is, let me know. Thanks.

Did I mention that Paul found him while mowing our yard. Right next to my kitchen window? Argh!!!

If you guessed "Corral Snake" you'd be absolutely correct!

Took my pics to the vet and he said that it was one of the biggest (longest) ones he's ever seen.
huh, I would havestayed as far away as possible!!!!!
beautiful colors though, aren't the ones with color poisonous???

can I be anymore dramatic???
you are so funny. It was chopped but still moving and I picked it up and then Paul yelled at me to put it down it might be poisonous. It is very poisonous. The veterinarian said it was an abmormally large coral snake and very poisonous. It could kill my big dog if it bit him and seriously injure one of us.
My drama was when I was holding it and it was moving all around!
lol, lol , lol
very reaaakyyyyy!!!!

and to think that it was just hangin around ure window!!!

And i think i forgot to thank u for ure prayesrs..after i came home last night i was so happy, and thankful, i came and i check my mess and i read how u had prayed for us THANK was our firsttime and THANK GOD it went perfect.GOD IS GOOOOOOD
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