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Thursday, August 04, 2005


The radio just played a song that I'd not heard in a long time. It is a really nice song, but when you've lost someone special, like for me, my son Ian, grandparents,friends, etc. Some songs set of a button that pulls out memories out of the wound. As this one just did. There are many songs that get me but this one in particular because of a special person whom I heard sing it once. (Thanks again Charlie).
Holes In The Floor Of Heaven, written by Billy Kirsch and Steve Wariner, performed by Steve Wariner.

If you get a chance, listen to the words of this song and think about this.

If the holes in heavens floor can let the tears of the ones who've left us, just image the tears of God

Awe-too sweet. I read this post to Charlie. It made him feel good that your remembered him singing it. Hes going to do his best to record it for you. It may be with Southern Flare playing the music (more of a live version) but he'll get something done. It is a beautiful song....
I don't remember alot of things from that time, but I remember crying every time I heard this song, and I remember when Charlie sang it, it really made me smile. That was a great feeling.
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