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Friday, August 19, 2005


I just used a spyware to remove harmful little nosy bodies from my computer. Somehow in the process it removed something else.

MY BANNER!!! It's gone, just plain gone! I can't believe that a spy took my banner! That makes no sense! lol

I guess it was because it was running from somewhere else and it allowed access to my computer that way! Not sure, but I am hoping my friend Tally, can help me. He's a new daddy and I know he's busy, so don't expect it to be done immediately. I am in no hurry. I do miss the kids faces each time I open it up, which is quite often, though. Oh well, I just wanted anyone that might read this to be careful when running spyware, as it could remove something from the blog codes and utilities that may make changes in your blog.

Just a thought.

Ure banner ??? I c it just fine, with all of ure kids................i hope ure doing gooood. and even though were both crazy, i think ure a little crazier than me....LOL!!

i love ure blogs, and i loved ure adventure yesterday, i sometimes wonder what God is protecting us from when he stalls us at some place..........because i know something must have been going on for it to have taken sooooooooo long to finally open the car
where can i leave u my e-mail in private???
go to my blog and click on "see my full profile" under my picture and it will give you a link to my email. My email address is there for everyone but I will be the only one to see yours. Then I can email you back from my main email address and you will have it. I think you are right, I hadn't really thought of it that way, but God is so great that He probably was protecting me or those I was with from something else. Thanks for reminding me that He is with me always, in the good, the bad and the ugly.
Prynlady, hellooooo I know ure day today is a lot better than yesterday, have u oticed any special detail God has given you today???? Be aware sometimes thy are so subtle they go unnoticed....
I was tryn to write an email to u but forgot my yahoo id account :~, so ill write one tonight with my adress..........

Im preparin to go to church, we have a special participation for the first time, and i would apreciate if u could take five min and pray for us......the Pastor has given tonight to pray for our children, jovenes......and 12 people r going to pray in front of the whole church (im from a big church, were expecting @600-700 peolple) and NONE of us has ever done anything like that.........plz pray if u can

Have a good rest of the day..this commenting back and forth is quite fun!!! LOL lOL LOL
Thank You, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU....i pray 2 God and aske for ure children and the ones from ure church 2 recieve GODS wisdom, 2 receive all that we prayed for today................i THAKN you sooooooooo much for ure prayer........its the first time we do this and the ones that prayed up there (12) it was the first time for all of us...but it was as u prayed his Holy Spirit guided us, our was very powerful...I think somewhre there is a legion of demons buying Xanax at Walgreens after our mega-victory tonight.

Thank u for caring, thank u for ure prayers, thank u thank u thank.....God bless u and repay u, i hope u r restingggg.. c ya
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