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Thursday, August 04, 2005


Ok, I have been putting some pretty silly stuff on my blog until I could get caught up with the post vacation undoing. I have been taught the scriptures below for a long time by my mom. (thanks mom) Even in my difficult times, I relied on her strength, knowing that someday, I would once again get back on track with my walk with Christ. It seems that no matter how often or how far I stray, I can see my mom in my mind and she is always telling me that God is waiting. I will never be the perfect "P31" woman. I will never be the perfect person, wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, etc. I know this and I proclaim it. I can try to be the very best person that God created me to be but I know that I am human and will fail and falter many times. I have already and I will many more times, I'm afraid. There are so many things in the P31 woman that I see in myself that are just laying there beneath the surface trying to get out. There are some things that I believe I have already reached and there are those that I personally know that I will never be able to achieve. I will try but will never be able to quite reach what is out of reach for me. I do know that if God has it in store for me, it will be attainable. I do know that with His help, and His love for me to be what is beautiful and glorious to Him, I can be more like Him. I have been on the right track with Christ but I'm not anywhere near where I'd like to be. I have daily conversations with Him, and am regularly letting Him in on my day but I am not the best at asking Him for direction in the little things. I will be working on this aspect of my life. It will not be easy, it's like addiction, you have to go so many days without, to break the habit. I will have to go so many days WITH, to break the old habit of doing things my way. I also believe that God knows every thought I have and every emotion or feeling that is in my heart. I believe He alone knows the sorrow I still feel over my son, Ian's death, He knows the loneliness I feel here at home, He knows the joy I feel when I see Kaylee smile, Kendra laugh, and just to hold my bobbleheaded grandboy, the fear I deal with when I think about the disease that tried to take over my dads body. (GOD IS VICTORIOUS) the cancer did not succeed, He knows the worry I feel when I think about my neices being so far away, my sister being so far away, He knows how I long to be more of a part of my neice and nephews lives, He knows how I long to accomplish the things He has told me to do and I'm afraid! HE KNOWS!!!!

(talk about not being the perfect P31 woman: I just blew up 3 eggs I was boiling in the kitchen. I only remembered them upon the loud noise they made as they exploded and the very foul odor coming from a kitchen that used to smell like vanilla)

My prayer is this; "Father God, thank you so much for all you've given me. For my family, my friends, my home, my life. Thank you for all the blessings that I forget to count. I pray that you will know the story of my heart each and every time I talk to you. I ask you to grant me the peace of knowing that I cannot achieve anything without you! I cannot be what is not in your will. Help me to learn to make it a priority to ask you how to go about my days and my ways before making the decisions on my own. Father, be with all the people who are in my heart, that make it beat with joy, and make it cry out with sorrow for their pains. God, I pray that you will bless each and every person that might stumble on this sight and that you would touch them with your hands of love.

Congratulations!!!! On your decision. I can tell u i made the same decision 2 and 1/2 years ago and my life has TORALLY changed for the goooood!!!! . I use to have a very different relationship with Christ but 2 1/2 years ago i decided 2 really make hima a part of my life, 2 try 2 read the Bible every single day, to let him decide EVERY single decision in my life, to find a healthy-Biblical church and congregate..... and i have grown spiritually soooooo much, and i have soooooooo much peace and joy even when life gets rough. But it is as u say its brakin a habit so u have to figure out ure own pace and work at it and i know ure life will change too, for the best.. My prayer for u is : First of all Father I wanna thank u for praynlady, i wanna thank u father because in the Bible u say that many r called but few chosen-and since she serves u she is one of ure chosen ans i thank u for that, and 4 letin our paths meet. Padre bueno en el nombre de Jesus, I ask u 2 bless prayinlady like never before, i remind u father that u said ure Holy Spirit would come to guide us to console us, so I ask that ure Holy spirit always guides and consoles praynlady and heal her from the sorrow she still feals, i ask u Jesus (our perfect teacher) to teach her to always b askin and willin 2 do the Fathers will, like u did. I pray that ure true PEACE reign in her heart, and i ask u father that wherever she may be u make her wiser in every aspect, please Father make her heart overflow with ure love and joy, and i ask u Father to COMPLETE the work of art u have already started in HER.....inJesus name I pray AMEN!!!

I will b prayn for u and remember what Jeus said " Siervo bueno y fiel, en lo POCO fuiste fiel en lo mucho t pondre"

so what we call little or small stuff is important!!!
It is sooooooooo hard to pray in english.

Oh and i find ure new blog idea great i will try to leave my mess in Portuguese so i can learna new lang!!!
Iranai, muchas gracia por todo que lo decia. Yo, tambien queiro caminar toda la dia con El Senor. Gracias tambien para su oraciones. Te veijo en me otra blog alguna dia?! Gustare gue Deus le dar muchas bendiciones.
Soy encatada le conocer tambien.
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