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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Well, today has been fairly busy, but, I managed to actually cook! Yep....I said, "cook"! Unfortunately, I forgot to add one major ingredient........Beano. Thanks to the pintos for allowing my family to share sooooooo much with me! I might rethink the cooking next time! LOL

I wanted to share my results with you from yesterdays doctor appt. I had to digest some of it first.
1. definitely need some surgery to "sand" down a boney spinal process that protrudes out of my back from the shifting that occured after the last surgery. ( I can deal with this one, it is only one day and a small incision.

2. I will be having a steroid injection into the hip to try and aleviate some of the pain I'm having in my S.I. joint.

3. I will try once more to have insurance approve a radical surgery that I am in desperate need of to reduce the weight and "drag" that certain body parts are causing which produces alot of pain and bending that I can't do anymore! (you can guess)

Please pray that all will go well, pain will be relieved, insurance will cover, and recovery will be quick. I have missed enough of my life to miss anymore and Kaylee starts MDO again in 1 week. I want to be able to take her to school for the first time.

Have a great day and know that whoever reads this; you've been prayed for today!
God Bless!

I will def be prayin HARD for this once. I ask GOD to remember haw he said MANY times in HIS WORD that he is a MERCIFUL GOD, and I plead Lord that you pour your mercy on Colleen. I ask you LORD to heal her completely miraculously and free her from all bodily pain.. I pray for your will to be done in her. And I ask you Lord that if she has to go through with her operation I ask that u do the necesary so she can get it approved and that YOU provide the finances...........I ask all of this begging for your mercy, begging for your help, begging for healin but not my will but your will be done, in /JESUSCHRIST name i pray, amen, amen ,amen
Thank you, Iranai, you are a beautiful person and your prayers are just as beautiful. I am blessed to be your friend.
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