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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Yesterday and today, my friend Chrissie and I took a dear friend to the doctor in Houston for some eye surgery and for his post-op follow up. Yesterday, we went to eat at Olive Garden because it was close and we could be back to pick him up quickly if needed. After a rather LARGE (and I might add, extremely smelly) accident, (in Kaylee's breeches) and a roll of paper towels, 3 wet wipes and a half naked child afterwards, we had to make a flying trip into Fiesta to purchase something for her to wear. (The one time, I did not have a spare set for her)!! John, treated us to lunch and we really enjoyed it. Today, when we returned him to the doctor for the follow-up, his appt. was at 11:00 and we were out of there (the office at least) by 11:05! Couldn't believe it! FIVE MINUTES!!!!! Well, when we got back down to the parking lot, I pulled my keys out of my purse and I wish you could have seen the look on my face when I went to find the right key and whilst standing there, I saw my door key laying half hazzardly on the front seat. I looked at it for a minute and then back at my keychain, (which I'd checked twice to make sure I had my keys before closing the door) which was in my hand. The TOP HALF!!!! I had recently put a dutamahiky on there so that I could seperate my keys if I needed to run into the house or something so I could leave the car running. It broke and I guess, when I removed my keys from the ignition and threw them into my purse, the bottom half must have flung off and landed while I was getting out. WHO KNOWS!!! Ok, short version is as follows;
1. tried all other keys on my ring, Chrissies key ring, John's key ring and even a few passers by who were driving Ford vehicles.
2. called Paul, no answer
3. called 911 out of desperation.....told, "I don't have time to look up a locksmith in the phonebooth if that's what you're asking..... ( was not smiling, I'm sure!!)
4. called police station from a phone book we found in kitchen of building......"Thank you for calling the Houston Police Department, all our agents are currently busy assisting other customers, please stay on the line and wait for the next available agent or you may wish to try again momentarily!!" NO KIDDING!!!!
5. tried again.......same thing......
6. looked around and thought to myself, "self" I said, "here I am in the middle of Houston, where probably on every block there is at least 10 people who know how to break into a car (illegally, I'm sure) and I am not seeing one of them!
7. went back into building to find a coathanger! Sucess!!! (short lived) (I'm really getting mad about now!
8. I tried the coathanger to no avail. (the guy we took to the doctor works for the state of Texas in one of the penitentiarys. I told him not to ever look for me there, because it was obvious that I'd never make it as a car theif.
9. called Paul again, told him he could drive up and bring me some keys or I could pay for the locksmith. He chose the locksmith!
10. I had already called a locksmith (many of them, as there are over 3000 in the phone book) and while we were waiting, it got hotter and hotter. My drink was in the van, John's meds were in the van and fortunately, this time, the diaper bag was NOT in the van! Thank goodness.
11. locksmith arrived and before we could get from the door to the van, he had already slim jimmed the door open and for this service you'll never guess what the fee was! Well you might! 45.00$ OUCH! One of them wanted 85$ and I told them, I'd rather break out my window and file on insurance and pay the 50$ deductible that pay them 85$ to come "jim" my door. She said, "We are professionals and we do not use the slim jim, we use keys!" I told her that I didn't care how it got opened, I just wanted in my van!
12. We got in the van, turned on the car (with the door key that is not supposed to work in the ignition (I just had to pay to get replaced, because the ignition cylinder or some such thingy was broken), and the AC, and sat there and laughed for about 30 seconds and then we were off!

Well, after this 12 step program, we were finally reunited with the inside of my van!

As a consolation, John took us to Luthers BBQ for lunch where we stayed till the "turd floating" rain storm passed. (sorry for the word turd, mom, could'nt think of another fitting word)

When we were finally headed home, Kaylee promptly fell asleep, knocked over her sprite and it busted and spilled all over the seat and all over John and his jeans. Man, what an adventure we had today!

Anyone need a lift to Houston, I'm ready! haha

Praynlady, once more, thanks for giving comments in my blog.
It seemed that you've been through a hard day. If I were you, maybe I would be panicky and couldn't think clearly. I need a ride to Houston but before that could you please pick me up in Missouri? LOL
I would love to. Just got back from there a few weeks ago! Went to Branson with my husbands entire family. Now, lets talk about adventures! haha Even my dog Roscoe is Missouri born. I bought him from a breeder up there. I'd go back in a heartbeat! I'll let you know when we are headed back! We are definitely going back!
pranlady.......what a day.....can anything else happen????????? But im glad u sat in the car and laughed, after all that what else can u do?????????

andhyka i wanna thank u for leavin comments on my blog.........i like readin ure blog a lot and i know it blesses many people

I pray to God that ure day tomorrow will b a lot better, and i ask him 2 give u a small detail that lets u know hes with u every second........

Good night, good tomorrow :) !!!

i meant like andhyka i wanna thank you.......
Girl, you are as crazy as me! lol I hope you have a great night and day tomorrow as well. Sleep well.
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