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Monday, October 17, 2005

Sorry I've been away.........

I am sorry that I have not posted in a while. I have been flat on my back trying to unpinch nerves that decided to give me problems last week. After a grueling trip to Houston to the ER, I was put in bed and have been bored as well as miserable. I can't walk properly. The nerves are blocked somehow by something they cannot see so we are nowhere close to finding a solution. I will try to post again soon but until then, please pray for me and my family. It seems that when I get going pretty good, I become a bigger burden to someone else. My husband is exhausted from being once again put into the mommy, daddy, chauffeur, cook and chief bottle washer. My mom and dad have been terrific and the rest of my family is helping when able. My mother in law is taking care of Kaylee for us for the next week and that helps but we miss her. Kaylee, not so much the mother in law. We miss her too but Kaylee, we miss much more. Ok, I am getting weird and haven't even taken any medication yet! haha God bless you all and may He look down on us and ease all of our sufferings even if just for one hour. I'd be happy. Maybe! I am human.

Been missin you, GET WELL SOON- in JESUS name!!!!
I hope youre feeling better, and I hope you dont miss Kaylee 2 bad :(
talk to you sooon
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