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Sunday, October 02, 2005


1.Harris County needs to pay attention to the evacuation routes.
2.If you can't go West, and you can't go East, and you can't go North, which way do you go (Sam), which way do you go?
3.Make a permanent list of the items you would take with you that you either did take or forgot to take and keep it with your important papers. (I kept thinking of things that I should have brought)
4.Have a cell phone chain of church friends so that everyone can keep up with where everyone is and pray that they are safe.
5. Everyone should have text messaging with their phones. It always worked when the lines gave you this message, "Due to a hurricane in your area, we are unable to process this call"! (Note, if you repeated the call about three times, it always went through! How is it that a hurricane in my area is there for 2 out of 3 tries?"
6. Ask your friends and neighbors to go along with you so that you have someone to "spell" you on the drive that normally takes 5 hours but takes 13 in an evacuation situation.
7. If Brazoria County were to have a terrorist attack, there is no way we'd ever get out fast enough so your choices would be one of the following;
a. go right now, immediately and run to the nearest army surplus store and stock up on gas masks, MRE's, flashlights, batteries and then stock up on water and other necessities and hope you have all you will need to sustain you for a long time cuz the government officials are going to take care of the less fortunate first to prove wrong all the current accusations.
b. bend over and kiss your American hiney good bye! (ps, while you are in the bent over position, it would be a good time to pray. Pray for the souls that started the attack to know the wrong in their deeds, as well as for forgiveness for your sins, cuz when you get to heaven and have to account for them, there should'nt be any you've not prayed for.)


Howwwdyyy dude!!!!

I hope everything is fine and dandy with u, ive missed u. Take Care....

Tomorrow is my FIRST DAY at my newwww job.GOD IS GOOOOD!!!!

byee :)

Glad to know you're safe and all's well back at home. it must have been a totally weird experience.
totally weird!
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