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Friday, December 16, 2005

CHRIST IS MAS..............

Christ IS MORE! I like that!

People, God will remember those who kept His son in the fore-front of Christmas. We, as christians need to begin rallying together, standing up for and fighting for our beliefs. This is still OUR great nation, founded on solid christian principles. Why are we "allowing" others to dictate what we can say, do, or show, celebrate and so many more.

Now there are banks removing piggy banks from their offices because it offends someone!

I was not intending to rant but here it comes..... It is our country! Is is not? Those who CHOSE to move here or are here for reasons other then they were born here, should adapt and be part of this what makes this nation great, not breaking it down so that soon it will be just like every other nation or country that is struggling to maintain "community"!!

Say, "Merry Christmas", Yes it is a "Christmas Tree", "yes I wll celebrate it in my daughters classroom, where I will open the celebrations with a prayer to my heavenly Father."

I would love to feel the love of Christmas but at the holidays it is harder to deal with life in general without Ian here. It gives me headaches and I want to close myself off from everyone that has a great time. Another Christmas without him will just be another year without him. Still sad, still missing, still knowing that I will see him again one day, still sad!

This year is just a tad different. I am so angry with the way people are being manipulated into dropping everything christian and putting up with the changes that is bringing with it like "holiday season, holiday shopping" etc. just to name a few. It is for some reason occupying most of my brain space and there is very little of that left. It seems to be all I can think about while I'm doing everything. So, I tell EVERYONE, "MERRY CHRISTMAS, GOD BLESS YOU DURING CHRISTMAS AND I WILL PRAY FOR YOU"People, get off your rears, open your ears and get busy greeting everyone you know with "Merry Christmas, God bless you,"etc. Mean it when you say it because God IS MORE.
He knows who truly believes!

Hear Hear! I'm a teacher in the Catholic system over here and I never let my students abbreviate the writing of "Christmas". I always tell them they have to keep the "Christ" in Christmas and they are not allowed to just write "Xmas" because even that decreases its meaning in my eyes.
Tess, I soooooo agree with you and it drives me crazy when I even see it written by someone! It makes me angry. There is a fireworks stand set up selling for the new years eve fireworks that everyone does here in the "hicks", and on the back of it, it says, "buy 'em here, happy x-mas"! Makes me so mad, that I stopped and asked them if they were christians, they said yes so I proceeded to tell them how offensive it was that they were using the Christ childs birth to sell fireworks and even worse, to remove Him from the holiday! I guess I need to chill out a bit!
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