Praynlady's Blessings & Other Fun Stuff: Christmas has come and gone, but Christ has not.....

Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas has come and gone, but Christ has not.....

Well, the holiday of Christmas is now past tense. I hope and pray that you all had a wonderful Christmas and were able to share it with your families and friends as I did. It was a wonderful time to be together and to share past Christmas memories as well as make new ones. We spent alot of time traveling the 25 miles back and forth to my families homes and the 4.5 miles back and forth from our old home and the new one! Makes you exhausted just thinking about it huh?! Yep! But it was worth it. I would like to end this Christmas season with a prayer.

Father God, once again I am before you with a broken heart and my soul laid bare for you to see! I would once again like to thank you for my family, my friends and my blessings. ALL OF THEM! I have many to count thanks to You. I would like to thank you for the 6 Christmas's that we spent with Ian. I would like to thank you for sending your son (self) to earth as a human (sinless) to sacrifice Him on my behalf. I would like to thank you for sending Him to the cross so that I might know that my place will one day be with you. I will meet you face to face and I will see my family members gone before. I will see my son! I would like to thank you for the health that I have, good and bad. I would like to especially thank you for my husband and my children and grand children and my son in law. Lord, I would pray that you would touch Kendra's heart and open it to the joys that You can give. I would pray that you would open her eyes to the love and joy she misses daily because she has closed them and her heart to You. I would pray that she will one day be the happy, free spirit that you sent and will be a joy to all who know and love her and that you will take away the pain and guilt she carries so that she might live freely with You and in your presence. I pray that you would give Paul and I wisdom to know how to handle the situations that she places us in as well as the family. I would ask for you to watch over my grandson and keep him safe and healthy this new year. I would continue to ask for John's patience to continue running strong as he needs lots of it. I would pray that the soldiers and all military would be allowed to return home safely and without doubt that they are doing right! They are protecting the innocents of a country that was devastated by an ungodly ruler. I would pray that you would use the people you designed for the purpose of teaching all the people there, who you are and that your love and grace will heal all! That You are the reason this great nation is a chosen place to live because of your teachings and truth. I would continue to pray for the families suffering through their first Christmas holiday without a loved one. I pray that you will comfort them and bring them the peace that only You can. I would pray that you would be seen by those who would oppose you during the season of your son's birth and that oppose the words Christmas, Christmas Tree and so on. I would pray for those who we would consider terrorists, that take offense at our beliefs and would choose to harm us. I would pray for you to send someone into their lives that they might get to know you personally. I would ask that you heal the broken hearted, the broken spirited and the broken bodied that lay alone and spent the blessed night of your son's birth alone. I would also like to ask you to particularly be with the children who have no families to bring them Christmas or any other celebrations for that matter. I would continue to pray that if it be your plan, that a child would need Paul and I for parents and Kaylee and Kendra for sisters. I would continue to pray for guidance in the path which you have planned for me and my family and I would like to ask you to let Paul see what great good he could do for your kingdom if he would become a part of the body of the church. Father God, I ask all of these things in the name of your precious son's name, AMEN.

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