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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

It's Christmas Time.....

Well many things are happening at the same time. Of course you have the hunting trips that occur this time of year, the shopping, the church functions, the school functions, getting the Christmas cards signed and sealed, and let us not forget the shopping, the cleaning and the cooking. Ok, add to all of this......MOV ING!!! What a horrible time to be moving yet we are. We are trying to get into our new home before Christmas! May not be possible. We may be driving over to the new house Christmas morning to celebrate there. Haha
We are hosting a Christmas party for my Mother In Laws side of the family and you'll never guess where......YEP!!! the new house. Ok, the bathroom is ready, the kitchen is pretty ready, the dining room is ready but the living room needs um....... tree, trimming, decorations, furniture, tv, etc. Get the picture?! IT is a mess. Today, Kendra is coming out to help me and I am desperately needing it. Paul will be working hard this afternoon when he returns home from work to get the furniture loaded and then unloaded so that we can unpack the boxes of stuff just removed from them. What a mess!!! On a lighter note, things are going well and as can be expected. We just made a flying trip to Ft. Worth for my eldest neices Senior Art Show for her graduating class. It was a great trip and I loved visiting with Erin. She will be graduating in 2 weeks. Wow! What an accomplishment. And in only 3.5 years. She has the potential of getting a terrific job in the field that she loves. What more could you ask for.
Next, we are getting ready for this party and then there will be at least 4 more to follow. Kaylee is having one at school. They are actually calling it a Christmas party.
I am disgusted with all the fighting going on in politics about "Christmas"!!! It burns my butt that Americans and non-Americans are willing to go against the very core belief of this nation that has given them everyting that they need and try to deny the Christ in our holidays, schools, sports and even in our courthouses. IT MAKES ME SICK!!!
We as Christians should really learn to stand up more for our beliefs and quit waiting for someone else to be the "ONE" voice. We are the voice. I am a voice. I am saying this honestly and if feelings get hurt.......

If you do not believe in our country LEAVE
If you do not speak our language LEAVE (or learn it, do not use your children as translators.)
If you do not believe like me SHUT UP
If you are not happy with our laws LEAVE
If you do not support our President LEAVE (in other places this would be treason)
If you do not pray to God COVER your ears while I do, or LEAVE
If you do not like me TO BAD, my Savior does
If you can't take the fire LEAVE (don't just get out of the kitchen)
If you are not happy here LEAVE

There are so many more I could write if I had the time but since it is a free country and I am free to speak my mind, there is a piece of it.

God created this earth we live on and He was a very big part in the foundation of our nation. Let's be vocal about it and fight back. Stand up Christians, Americans, and shout from the roof or your homes, We believe in God, The Father, we pray, OUT LOUD, we will say, God Bless America, and so on and we will also say "MERRY CHRISTMAS" even to the people who are telling us, Happy holidays. Get the message, Target, Walgreens etc.

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