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Monday, December 12, 2005

Ok, I'll try to be nice this time......

I was obviously having a bad day at the last time of posting! Could you tell? haha
I will try to do better this time.
I am doing laundry and stuffing, addressing, and licking Christmas cards. It is a boring task normally, but as I do it, I begin to think of things about each of the people I am sending one too. It is really kind of fun. I am enjoying the routine-ness of it. It is calming but exhausting trying to get them all done. I usually send out about 200 cards and that got so expensive this year that I narrowed it down to 150. If you are one of the people I took off my mailing list, I apologise but probably haven't heard from you in a year or more. Drop me a line and I will re-instate you to the current mailing list. heehee I hope all of your Christmas plans are coming along well and with good health and much happiness this week. Paul is at the deer lease and I am struggling to stay afloat with Kaylee being ill and all that is going on trying to get moved and such. I hope that each person (all 3 of you) that reads this, will pray for those who are fighting over seas for us to have the right to celebrate Christmas. Pray for all who are non believers and for those that are believers that have lost faith. I will come back in a few minutes to include my prayer for all of these and more.

what a nice write about christmas, cards, praying for those who lost faith, for non-beleivers...nice I will be prayin with you, hadnt even thought about praying for those who lost the faith....

and it is around 4-5 people that read this, thank you very much :)
Im sure many more than you know read and ust FONT wanna comment :(

I hope you have agreat christmas filled with the JOY, LOVE and PEACE of JESUS CHRIST our SAVIOR!!!

Love the fact that you acutally send cards to any (@ 150) thats a los of peolpe, it is the first year that im implementing that in my life ( besides the mail box we use at church) but I have a lot less people on my list (@20). Dont get tires of writnig, licking and sending... were one of the few that actually still do it.

TAKE care, GOD bless always
hugs, kisses, love
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