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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Yesterday I collapsed from stress, exhaustion, and pain. Well, not really collapsed but gave in to all of the above and was rendered useless from that point on. I became depressed, and could not stop tearing up over the fact that my husband (of almost 19 years) was having to do all the painting, repairs and such that have to be done when you want to sell your home. I couldn't help at all. I put some new cabinet knobs on and peeled old shelf liner paper off of some shelves (which by the way, when you purchase REMOVABLE adhesive shelf paper........don't wait 14 years to remove it!.....Just a word to the wise!!!!) and that was about it. I did make the trips to Lowes and Walmart for additional supplies, paint and such that we kept running out of. I began to have such bad pain in my neck (no pun intended) that I actually was rendered unable to turn my head at all in either direction. I called my mom and dad (thank you God for them!!!) and they came and picked up Kaylee for the night. I began to cry out to God to "at least" remove the pain so that I could continue to help my husband who was working so hard to accomplish all of the many things that need to be done. God answered! WOW! Did He ever! I was not wanting to bother anyone! I figured everybody has their own stuff to worry about and I, having just recently re-entered this thing called life from (still) recovering from surgeries, didn't think any one would have time to share with us.
People, let me tell you that God is working wonders in our lives. Sometimes you can't see it, sometimes you don't even know it is happening but it is!!! Amen! My church, The Pointe, is doing a series special called, "Living Beyond Myself". This is a church wide study and all the small groups (aka home teams) are doing the same study as well as the Sunday lessons are an integral part of the series.
Ok, I digress. God began to talk to me last night. I am not the one that needed help, Paul was. I sometimes feel that over the past year, I have used up some of my friendships due to being so needy all the time. I missed almost 9 months of my home team and lost touch (the Godly touch) with alot of the members of my group. Sorry, did it again. I began to see that Paul was not really complaining but that I felt bad that he was working all alone and trying to do so much by himself. Immediately, God placed my dear and sweet friend Laurie on my heart. I forgot about the lack of time spent with them, I forgot all about the thank yous I may have forgotten to say and all of that. She was so gracious and being herself, immediately began to help me. I felt better just talking to her. I knew that even if no one were able to help, God had let me see something fresh and wonderful through the knowledge that a servants attitude will prevail. God showed me that you really do have to ask for help sometimes and even if help is not available at the precise moment you ask, God will take care of it.

Did you get that last line? GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF IT!

Man oh man, was I siked when the phone rang this morning (Godly timing) just as Paul was about to leave and our home team leader and dear friend, Tony says, "I'm looking for some work, got any thing you need help with?"

Now, I knew that he knew we needed help (cuz I'd just talked to Laurie) but it was still the greatest thing in the world to share with Paul that God will help him too, not just me, not just those recovering, not just those healing, not just those who are down and out, not just the depressed and so on, but anyone who will allow the Holy Spirit to intercede and send help through His servants.

I know this is not reading exactly how I am feeling it and trying to write it but if I don't hurry up and get over there, I may have to call for more help! heehee, like marriage counseling! haha Just kidding..........

Blessings and hugs,

God bless you. I so didn't like getting my house ready to be on the market, and it really wasn't even that much effort as we had only been in the house 5 yrs. I will keep you lifted up for your physical pain and you're right, God will take care of it.

... crazy, crazy, crazy, thank GOD you havent changed!!!!

What a great line GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF IT !!!! Why do we forget sometimes???

missed you and youre blog

Wow, how nice for people to jump in and help like that. God did a little bit of that for us with the selling of our house too! I'm glad to hear you all are being taken care of!
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