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Sunday, March 26, 2006

GARAGE SALES..............Need I say more?!.....

Ok, so I just had a 3 day garage sale and did pretty good but if you stop and really figure out how well you did, by the hour it comes out to about 1.55$ per hour! That sucks! I did get rid of tons of stuff but somehow I was left with still tons of stuff. I am going to actually try again but in Lake Jackson at my sisters house I think. Maybe I can get rid of some more. If not, I will have to learn how to sell on Ebay for sure now. I planned on trying it out, now I will have to I guess! Well, the good part is that I actually enjoy doing them. Not the setting up, or the pricing (which I don't even do anymore, I just make deals)!, or the taking down or re-storing, but the actual sitting there visiting with everyone that comes by.
Now the funny ones for me are when I have hispanic families (of which there are multitudes in West Columbia) come and they, of course, speak spanish, which, so do I. I love to hear what they are saying and then surprise them when I answer in spanish. It really blows their minds. I actually had to ask one lady to leave and then she came back the next day and tried to do the same exact thing again. I finally (in spanish) let her know that I was not going to take it and she actually bought quite a bit of stuff! Probably out of guilt but I didn't care, it was just that much more stuff GONE! I had the regular stuff like switching labels, but one lady did it right in front of me and I just about laughed when an item (of high value, marked $5.oo) tag was removed and she asked me how much, and I couldn't resist the urge, so I gave in and told her $42.00! She was totally taken aback and she replied, "No senora, eet ees only fie dolla"! I laughed for quite awhile over that one! She didn't come back! DUH!!!

Anyway, now I can replace both garage doors and the front door and even had enough to take my family that helped me with the garage sale out for dinner today after church! That made me feel great! Now, Kaylee is sleeping and I intend to go and do the same! See ya!

Blessings and hugs,


thanks for always supporting me, for all of youre prayers, for youre sincere heart, and for being a GODS powerful soldier at all times.... ive missed ya too.

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