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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

"MURPHY", "satan's yoyo", just to name a few.....

I have definitely discovered that I am what you would call a "Murphy" this week. It had become a familiar nickname to me for several years, but now I am officially telling the doctors that it is my name! Upon introducing myself to a surgeon recently, I said, "Howdy, my name is Murphy, how are ya"! Go figure! He thought it was really funny until I shared with him some of my most recent problems. He then said, "we'll take care of this, don't worry". I asked him to do a little tummy tuck while in surgery and he was not willing to comply with that particular request, though he may have thought a little different after he put me on the operating table.
I have tried really, really, really, really hard to remain faithful in my walk with Christ, and stay happy, (at least outwardly), while facing some of the things I have in life. I will remain faithful but the discontent of my afflictions are beginning to wear on me! Satan will not win this war, but he might win a battle or two if I were to let him. I am tired of fighting. I have tried the proverbial "Get the behind me satan", to no avail and have decided to step up the anty. I now ask God to "slam" him behind me! It makes me laugh if nothing else!

I am now fighting a serious staph infection known as MRSA. To make matters worse the antibiotics they have me on are soooooo strong, that after only 2 days, (while I was consuming 3 cups of yougart daily), I received notice that the "yeasty beasty" had moved into my body. Yep, you know what I'm talking about if you've ever had a yeast infection, only I have it everywhere, in my gums, (can't wear my partial cuz it hurts), all in my nose, and all of my throat! Now one major problem with this is that yeast (thrush) thrives on sugar! I will go down fighting but will NEVER, NEVER give up my Dr Pepper! haha I have an appointment today with the surgeon to see if the visiting nurses can quit coming twice a day to clean my wound (which they are letting heal from the inside out and it is really cool, oops, I mean nasty!!!).
So, please pray for Paul as he is yet again having to take care of me because the antibiotics have drained me and the fact that I took an extra tablet for three days didn't help! haha I od'd on antibiotics! Go figure! Please pray for my sanity as I deal with just one more illness in a long line of problems (but at the very least, this is not my back!!!), and please pray for Kaylee as she is not yet home from her grandparents house and she was taken to the doctor yesterday upon my insistance, and diagnosed with strep throat. I am still trying to figure out if there is any correlation between my MRSA and strep but she had, has me worried!
Blessings and hugs,

I am glad that it is not MRSA (other post), but will continue to pray for your healing and that God will lift your spirits! He is pretty amazing that way ya know! Give yourself a big squeeze for me.
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