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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I had my post op checkup this afternoon and the cultures finally came back and were negative for MRSA staph! Yipee!!! I have the plain ole version of staph! Now I only have to take the antibiotics for another 3 weeks and then will be done! Praise God! Hopefully the fatigue will pass once I am off of the strong antibiotics and I will begin to feel normal again. Thank you for your prayers.

How do I call you? Every # I have for you is wrong! I miss you! I am sorry that all this mess is happening to you. Keep God on your mind! If you dont satan will attack you in every area that you are weak in. I have been so busy lately! I haven't fogotten about you and I am SO SORRY that it has been so long since I contacted you. I tried to call you yesterday but like I said every # I have for you is wrong. By the way, your name is MOMMY not MURPHY! Tell Kaylee I said HI and Happy late Birthday! I Love You!
Hey, HOWDY!!!

Long time NO see, hope your are all doing good. How's Kendra??

Hope you are feeling better :) have a good week.
Say HI to Kayleeeeee

Thanks for all your prayers!!!
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